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My non-weekend!

So on Saturday, I got to get up early and go to our swim meet! It was pretty great, most of my kids dropped time on everything, so it was a good mood all around at the meet. ALSO, the lady that was trying to organize a meet on July 21st? She came up to me and goes, "Hey, I'm trying to reschedule this meet, but none of the other coaches seem really up for it...what about you guys? How do you feel about it?"

I looked at her and said, "Well, it's Harry Potter weekend..."

And her eyes grow large and she cries, "OH, THAT'S RIGHT! Okay, nevermind, no meet!"

:) :) :) :) :)

HP conquers all!

On Sunday, I got to get up early and go work the showroom for RAZ. Very exciting, I wore the most uncomfortable shoes on the face of the earth so by the end of the day I was DYING.


Someone at the show pulled me aside and told me I looked like Katherine Heigl, which TOTALLY MADE MY DAY because she is hot. And it was a vast improvement over who I used to be told I look like, which is Melissa Joan Hart, and Kristen Johnston. (I guess Kristen Johnston isn't so bad, really.)

I want to take an oatmeal bath tonight!

Today in my lj history:
I made Anne a hat and was dumb about it!

A bumper sticker!
Tags: happy, harry potter, swim team, work

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