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Writer's Block: Wedding bells are ringing

Because they are there every time I log into my lj page, and I do think it's kind of a neat idea, I'm gonna start answering the writer's block doohickeys. BECAUSE I DO NOT POST ENOUGH AND I NEED HELP COMING UP WITH NEW IDEAS! THAT IS WHY. THANK YOU, LIVEJOURNAL.

What was the last wedding you went to? Were you in the wedding?

The last wedding I went to was when my grampa was getting married to Diane. This would have been fine and all if it weren't for the fact that my grandma, my favorite person in the whole world, had not died less than a year before? I don't think I'd ever cried so much in one year. I was nine, Reagan had just been born the year before, and I remember my mom asking me, when I found out grampa was getting re-married, if I'd prefer Reagan have this new lady and call her "Grandma" or have no grandma at all.

I picked the latter.

Reagan did end up thinking of Diane as "Grandma", and while the woman tried to sign gifts to me with that title, I could never call her that. I had no problem referring to her as my "Wicked Step-Grandmother", which is what my grampa jokingly called her the first few years.

I was not in the wedding, but when my Uncle Mark married my Aunt Beth, I was their flower girl! I think I was five then.
Tags: family, memories, weddings, writer's block

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