Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

GUYS OK SO I really am fond of that new cover of the Zombies song? Which, by the way, I totally didn't know they were saying "zombies" until the cover. You know, the song that goes, "In your heeeeeeeeead, in your heeeeeeeeeeeead, zombies, zombies..." in that high squeaky voice?

The weird thing is I really didn't care for the original. (Who is it by? The Cranberries, maybe? I don't even know.) I'm trying to figure out why I like the new one, because it's appallingly similar! Maybe because it's sung by a man? Maybe?

Have you heard it? Do you like it too? I think we're quickly learning that I am not the one to go to for great musical taste, so I don't know, maybe it's lame.


OH AND ALSO RASPUTINA IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM I AM SUPAR EXCITED!!! BUT. Because Dallas is STUPID and closing all of their clubs, they aren't coming to Dallas, they're going to San Antonio and Austin instead. It doesn't matter anyway because they'll be there the same days I'm at state meet. BUT I'LL GET TO GET HARRY POTTER ON TIME, DAMN IT.

Hmm...they'll be in Ohio on August 7th...maybe I can convince my mom to coordinate our trip so that we'll be in Ohio that night? Cleveland isn't that far from Sandusky....MAYBE I COULD DO THAT. THAT WOULD BE NEAT. I'm e-mailing my mom now.
Tags: concert, dig, harry potter, music, nerding, rambling, rasputina

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