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Man, clearly this month in June is where, historically, I never post anything ever. WEIRD.

I'm back at work today! It is very exciting. I came in way late, at noon, because I am still sleeping horribly. Hopefully I'll be able to crash early enough tonight to not have to miss any work tomorrow, because I NEED THE MAD MONIESXORS.

I called the Y today, and it turns out that I won't be getting my first check from them until the beginning of July. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Okay, whatever, YMCA.

Interesting thing! K, the aquatics director, quit on Tuesday! But she came back on Wednesday for...wait for it...THIRTY-SEVEN DAYS. By this innane number logic, she will be gone before city and state meet and to that I can only say THANK GOD.

The crew at the household has wrestled me into playing World of Warcraft with them. I was playing on Fraher's computer and I got my character up to level 16, then they got me a new account (FO FREE) on the girl's computer (which is unspeakably slow and horrible), so I'm starting a new character who's basically the same in every way except she looks different. It turns out that I am bad at multi-player online games? Because so far? I HATE PLAYING WITH OTHER PEOPLE. I seriously want to get my character a shirt that says "Does not quest well with others". In the same way I hate using the money cheat in the sims, I hate having my friends who've been playing forever and have level 70 characters giving me fancy advanced stuff. I've already been told that once I hit a certain point, I'll HAVE to do quests with other people, and that really, they aren't helping THAT much with the stuff they're giving me and blah blah blah. And I probably shouldn't complain since the account is free. But I like the challenge of starting from nothing and working my way up, and I like exploring and discovering things on my own, and I am a solitairy game player as a rule, so this whole "other dudes running around doing things" is a foreign and at this point somewhat obnoxious concept to me.

Which I'm sure defeats the purpose of why they got me the account and bullied me into playing, which was so that I could play with them.

Anyway, I didn't mean to babble about World of Warcraft for so long, I'M SORRY! :)

Today in my lj history:


Draw Something In The Outline Of Your Hand week!
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