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I had a lot of random thoughts today!

So do you ever have a day where you think about a lot of things and they all seem very profound but they probably aren't? Today was one of those days for me and I'm gonna spill 'em all over livejournal because THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR. AMIRITE??? <--(it is "Am I Right?", but all as one word and misspelled a little, IT IS CLASSIER THAT WAY.)

Thoughts about love

So, here's the thing about love. Me and love. This is not going to sound nearly as deep and meaningful as it does in my head, but bear with me, you're the one that clicked on the cut that said "thoughts about love", there's totally more interesting and less philosophical thoughts on scabies just a few cuts down.

It takes a lot of hard friggen' work to really love a person. Really. Really, really. There is no such thing as "love at first sight", in my humble opinion. There is "interesting connection to be explored at first sight", or, "OMG HOTXORS at first sight", but love takes some doing.

Here's my problem with love. My problem with love is that I have the tendency to find a person. An amazing, super awesome person. Someone that is completely different from me, but completely the same as me, all at the same time. Someone I find myself learning new things from every day, someone who doesn't seem to live life the way everyone else is living life, someone unique and spectacular. (Guys, before I go any further with this, I want to state for the record even though half of you won't believe me anyway that I'm not talking about any specific person, just in general what I do and think when it comes to love. And that also this wasn't brought about by any major event or earth-shattering development, just thoughts that have been drifting in and out of my head as I contemplate and interact with the people I do love. END DISCLAIMER THAT MAYBE SHOULD HAVE GONE AT THE BEGINNING.) I instantly latch onto this person and think, "Wow, this person thinks of life completely different than I do. This person will be the one who will fix me, who will change my life, who will make everything better, blah, blah, blah.

I don't love that person. Even though I know we all say we don't do that, trust me, we all do. We're all expecting this awesome person to eventually open their mouth and give us all the answers to life, and that's what keeps us coming back. That ain't love, folks, that's in-fat-chew-ay-shun.

Love comes when you see this person fall down. When you see them make a mistake. When they do something to piss you off. When they do something obnoxious, or when they get in a screaming match with you, or when you completely, 100% disagree with them on something. When you start to realize they are not a concept, they are not a deity made flesh, they are a human being. And when you can look at that human being, acknowledge that they are not perfect, that they are, in fact, probably waiting for you to tell them all of life's answers and don't understand why you're looking at them all expectant-like, that they've got problems and issues and complications and they don't always smile, and you still want to be with them? Then you love them. When you know them long enough that the faces you both put on at the beginning of a relationship wear off, and you start to pick away at what actually makes them tick, rather than their ideal of what makes them tick, and you still want to hang out with them and discuss shit? That's love. When you want to punch them in the face and tell them they're an idiot, but instead you give them a huge hug and tell them it'll be okay, that's love.

And it takes a while.

Thoughts about that Incubus song, "Dig"

OKAY GUYS, SO. I have this theory? You know how there's that whole "soulmate" theory, that there's just one special person on the whole entire earth for you and when you find that person it's like your spirits meld together into one big melting pot of human gumbo or something and blah-de-blah-de-blah? Well, I don't believe THAT, either, I believe there are SEVERAL people with whom you could have a very strong connection with, energy-based stuff, all that, but that's not what I want to talk about.

My theory is that it's the same thing with songs. There are some songs where it doesn't matter who wrote 'em, who performs 'em, or who plays it on which radio station and a given time. But some songs just have to be written and recorded by someone because there's a person out there to whom that song belongs. And the artist may not know who at the time, or why they are writing this particular song, but it doesn't get written, it just is. And it is picked out of the ether and put into creation for whoever the hell needs it or connects with it at whatever given time.

For me, that song is "Dig". Now, I'm a huge Incubus fan? But the fact that Incubus wrote it has nothing to do with my passion for the song. In fact, the first time I heard it, I hated it, because it was prefaced with "new Incubus!" and I was all, "OMG, I LOVE INCUBUS" and the song sounded NOTHING like Incubus and I was all, "What is this crap?"

But I listened to it as if it wasn't by Incubus. As if it were just some song floating out in space...and I can't even begin to explain how it touches me, but it does. The words could be anything, it's the SONG that speaks to me. The melody, the vocals, they were all done in such a way that this is MY song. I don't know why, but it is. It's almost as powerful as the Moody Blues' "Isn't Life Strange" used to be for me. Only in a different way. The song transcends artist, genre, whatever, and sticks in my very SOUL.

We're soulmates. Is what I'm saying. Me and the song "Dig".

Thoughts about scabies, these are kinda gross, don't read 'em if you don't have a strong constitution

You've been warned.

Okay, so, well-endowed ladies? And maybe this is a common thing with less-endowed ladies, I don't know, but you know how when you're wearing a bra and your boobs are all smooshed together all day and at the end of the day you take off your bra and in between your boobs there's this kind of funky stuff? That has a distinct smell? Not a strong smell, or anything, but distinct? I'm sure hoping it's not just me, here?

Well, apparently, when you have scabies? Your boob funk stinks. And the smell gets on your bra and you can smell it on your bra when you take it off and it's WEIRD, because it's not something I really think of that often but recently since I can smell it all the time, it's been drawing my attention more often. It is strange.

Also, scratching. When you have a regular itch, you scratch it, it feels better, it goes away. When you have a mosquito bite or an ant bite? You scratch it, it doesn't go away, it annoys, but scratching it satisfies you for a little bit anyway. When you have scabies? Scratching is practically orgasmic. It seriously triggers something in your brain and gives you that whole "I just ate a shit load of chocolate" feeling. Hit the right spot and it's difficult to control bodily functions. Not scratching, you're in pain and misery. Scratching? You never, ever, ever want to stop because it DOES something. Endorphins and shit.

There are two problems with this: 1) You could never possibly scratch everywhere at once. So you scratch one spot for a while, then another spot is all, MY TURN and you head over there, on and on the cycle goes, and you end up not getting a lick of sleep. 2) The more you scratch, the more you get sores on your skin, the more you scratch those sores, the more likely you are to end up with a horrible infection.

I don't know what the point of all that was, but they are some observations I made that I felt like sharing.

Thoughts about ergonomic keyboards

They suck, is what.

Today in my lj history:

'Nuffin. Honestly, wasn't yesterday's batch of entries enough to satisfy you for, like, four days? (Because it secretly WAS four days? Five days, even?)
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