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So, at my co-worker's insistence, I know the answer to the question I posed in this post, which was, and I quote, "HOLY FUCKING CHRIST WHY DO I ITCH AGAIN????"

I thought it was a new (if obnoxious) flare up of my old Pityriasis Rosea, this would be week twelve of that shit, when it's supposed to be gone or well on it's way out. I was annoyed by it, but willing to stick it out. And ignore the fact that it seemed to itch worse, and the rash was appearing differently and in new places.

Finally, my across-the-street cubicle neighbor convinces me to go see Care Now in case it's something else that I need medication for, so I go, shell out my completely obscene amount of money for the amount of time it took them to diagnose me, and miserably drive home to learn that I have now contracted two completely separate horrible itching conditions.

This time it's scabies.

Turns out I probably caught it from a friend of ours who was in town recently that had been tromping through the fields at his surveying job, and complaining of chigger bites. The guy gives really good back rubs, and my neck was killing me that day, so I asked him if he'd work on it while we watched a movie, so there is your "prolonged physical contact."

I've already used the prescribed medication (a low-level poison you have to slather on your body from head to toe and then sleep in), and as I was driving to work today I called my boss to let her know I'm running late because I missed the alarm I set to wash the stuff off. Turns out I can't come back to work until I have a doctor's note saying I'm not contagious. Care Now said it might take a week before I know if the stuff works or not.

Why am I not more upset about this new lack of money? Three reasons. First being that I could really use the time off to sleep and chill and do my laundry. Second, I'll still get a (small) paycheck from the YMCA, and the third being that Jim and Jessie have offered to drop $200 off my monthly rent until I can pay off the old apartments. That will help a lot, and it will save me from begging my friends for mercy by letting me take turns sleeping at their respective places while I save up the dough.

So! If I could go the next two months without contracting Tinea versicolor, eczema or psoriasis, I'll call it a good year.

Yesterday in my lj history:

June 5th

I wrote me an emo poem!
I became a pirate!

I'd be a good Quidditch player!

Had a good weekend!

Today in my lj history:

June 6th

My junk mail told me so!

I saw Brother at Scottish Fest!
Hungry for quesadillas!

In other news, so far "Withered Hope" is my favorite song off the new TMBG album. (I love when they do wonky shit like this, the only thing that could make it better would be an M. Doughty cameo, a la "Mr. Excitement".) Although, for pure amazing lyrical content, "The Cap'M" is waaaaaaay up there:

Did you say...
what I think you just said?
My hat looks good on me?

I agree!
I agree!
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