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Swim team = not nearly as bad as I was expecting. MY ALAN IS BACK. I am so pumped about this. See, I am a horrible coach, I play unabashed favorites (not to the kid's faces, but in my HEART), and Alan and Henry are my stinkin' favorites. Since day one. Last summer, Henry didn't swim because he was lifeguarding, and Alan and his family didn't swim because they were doing baseball.

This year, Henry is coaching with me and I got a lovely surprise because I'd already resigned myself to Alan's family not swimming again because of baseball, and they TOTALLY SHOWED UP. It cancelled out the fact that our program director's kids are swimming this year, which meant that the program director who, for as long as I've coached the team, has kept his nose out of my business for the most part and let me coach as I pleased, was sitting in the bleachers with the parents taking mental notes and being generally obnoxious.

Once I started the practice, I fell back into the groove as if it was still last summer or the summer before or the summer before. I have no idea how it happened. I wasn't expecting that at all.

I still don't plan on putting myself through all the junk involved in it next summer, but this summer, at least, I'm glad I'm doing it. I'm glad my last summer coaching, I get to have Henry on deck with me, and Alan in the water and on the sidelines at meets forcing the other kids to cheer for their team. It's gonna be a pretty good summer, I think.

Today in my lj history:
I was a general bitchy mess about work/life! (Not at all dissimilar from yesterday's post, HOW 'BOUT THAT?)
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