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You know how you have those mornings where you wake up and your bed is sooooooo comfortable you just don't want to move even though you know you have to? That was this morning. The only thing I can figure is that it was a really comfortable temperature in the garage, because my bed is NOT comfortable. But I woke up THIS morning, and the pillow was perfect, the blanket was perfect, the mattress was perfect, it was just comfy as heck. I laid there as long as I could before I finally bothered to get up and face the day.

So yesterday I saw the new PIRATES!!! As evidenced by my previous post. I really don't have a lot of spoilery stuff to squeal about, I figure I'll wait to read other friend's posts and squee there, but I LOVED the movie. I really, really loved how they tied everyone's stories together and wrapped it all up. Even though they did leave it open for another movie, I kind of hope they don't make one, because I can't imagine where they could go from here. They did such awesome things for each of the characters. So HOORAY NEW PIRATES, although I wish they would have ended it one scene earlier. I think the last scene was superfluous, or could have been stuck in somewhere else, because the second to last scene would have been such a good ending, although I know why they ended it the way they did and you'll know what I mean if you see/have already seen it.


Today in my lj history:

I sold some textbooks!

And that's it! Boring day, really.
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