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Firstly, I changed my mind and I'm making my start date for my 101 things to today. This makes my official end date Monday, February 15, 2010. There are plenty of things I can work on before I move out, and having the list be posted and replying to comments and all that jazz has gotten me thoroughly pumped to get it going.

So in order to help me tag and memorize all my entries, as per item #28 on "The List" (which I feel needs a more powerful name, don't you?) I'm going to start doing "Today in My Livejournal History", where I will Go Back In Time, if you will, to entries past from this very same day, and tag and memorize them. But also post about them today. It should be interesting, at the very least! I'll throw it onto the end of my posts about regular things (in addition to stupid things), as per item #98, which is to post about regular life. You can read it or not, IT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU.

I will post awesome things about Scarborough Faire later today, but for now:

Today in my lj history:
I piereced my finger with a sewing machine!

And apparently 2003 is the only other year I posted on May 21st! It's an interesting day to start with, though, because these were both very traumatic things for me! I still remember them vividly, but I had no idea they happened on the same day. And FOUR YEARS AGO. Weird.
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