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OMG FINISHED: 101 Things in 1001 Days

It took me three days and lots of poring over other people's lists to finish my own list of 101 things I'd like to accomplish in 1001 days. I split them up into categories, but I'm not 100% happy with the splitting...I might go back and change the organization of it all.

I'm not starting my 1001 days until I'm moved into a new apartment, because part of the reason I want to do that is I don't feel like I'm cabaple of enough personal improvement at the house, much as I love the people there. I started 5/21/07, because there's stuff I can work on even without a fancy apartment! That makes the end date 2/15/10.

I was considering doing a massive post of listing all these things and explaining why each one is important to me, but I'll spare you that and just post the list.

Make your own count down at!

I like colors better than italics and bold and crap. Blue means "in progress", and red means "TOTALLY FINISHED WITH THAT SHIT".


Heath/Fitness/Personal Hygiene

1. Complete a "Bikram Challenge" (60 Bikram Yoga classes in 60 days).
2. Go back to only drinking one soda a week (will count as accomplished if I can do it for three months).
3. Start caring more about my appearance.
4. Practice belly dancing three times a week for at least two months.
5. Do fifty crunches every day for a month.
6. Swim a mile (23 laps). 8/4/07
7. Get in the habit of flossing (30 days in a row).
8. Go to the dentist. 5/29/08
9. Fit into a size 12 without squeezing.
10. Start l_goolb up again and stick with it, at least community upkeep.

Financial Management

11. Pay off my car. 3/9/09
12. Have $2000 cushion in the bank aside from savings.
13. Learn about mutual funds and invest in one.
14. Finally pay my own phone bill and be emancipated from my stepdad.
15. Be at least two-thirds through paying off student loan and my Aunt.


16. Attend at least two more semesters of school.
17. Visit all the museums in downtown Ft. Worth.


Living Better, Personal Improvement

18. Write a letter to someone every week for a year. MAIL THEM.
19. Clean room once a month.
20. Prepare and send Christmas cards on time.
21. Make calendar to keep track of friend's birthdays.
22. Keep up w/ calendar, give gifts/card for every birthday.
23. Find a place for everything I own.
24. Start a dry-erase board shopping list.

Things I've Been Meaning To Do

25. Record an album of vocal layering.
26. Learn to sight read for piano.
27. Memorize meanings for all tarot cards.
28. Tag and memorize my entire lj. (252/1,134 entries)
29. Read about Marylin Monroe.
30. Paint T-Rex on my wall.
31. Put all my cds on my computer/iPod.
32. Burn copies of all my cds so I can keep the originals in good condition.
33. Complete and mail Anne's scarf. 6/2/07
34. Read Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone in German.
35. Memorize every song in Schubert's "Winterreise".

Books and Movies and Stuff

36. Read every Discworld book I haven't read yet. (2/20)
-The Colour of Magic
-The Light Fantastic
-Equal Rites
-Wyrd Sisters
-Guards! Guards!
-Moving Pictures
-Reaper Man
-Witches Abroad 6/26/07
-Small Gods
-Lords and Ladies
-Men at Arms
-Soul Music
-Interesting Times
-Feet of Clay
-The Last Continent
-Carpe Jugulum
-The Fifth Elephant
-The Truth
-Thief of Time
-The Last Hero
-The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents 6/7/07
-Night Watch
-The Wee Free Men
-Monstrous Regiment
-A Hat Full of Sky
-Going Postal

37. Watch some Marylin Monroe movies.
38. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series in order.


39. Visit opaleyes. 4/18/09
40. Visit another popular coaster park other than Cedar Point.
41. Visit spinooti.
42. Visit the graves of my grandparents.
43. Eat at Bess, Sandra Bullock's restaurant in Austin.

Projects I'd Like To Do

44. Do a mix cd trading project and find new music. 2/15/08
45. Make my custom My Little Pony of Bjork's "Medula".
46. Do 24 Wal*Marts in 24 hours.
47. Do 26 Things.
48. Do


49. Submit something to Knitty.
50. Use up all spare Red Heart and make the Great American Aran Afghan.
51. Knit two new pairs of socks. I'm knitting sock one of pair one!
52. Knit something in intarsia.
53. Put together Grandma's afghan.
54. Finish or throw out all WIP's from before the 1001 days.


55. Finish typing up Whatever and put it on Lulu.
56. Finish editing The Spaghetti Incident and put it on Lulu.
57. Write a serious novel for NaNoWriMo. 11/28/07
58. Write the same novel twice form different perspectives.
59. Write my Cedar Point review zine.
60. Finish editing my trilogy.

Other Crafts

61. Make a corset out of fabric.
62. Make some cold-process lye soap on my own.
63. Make a quilt out of old t-shirts.
64. Tie-dye something.
65. Finish my Care Bear latchhook.

Frivolous Purchases

66. Make 1000 paper cranes.
67. See Hanson in concert now that they're all grown up. 10/02/07
68. Buy a permanent LJ account. 6/22/07
69. Get the internet at home.
70. Get my cello tattoo. (This is the one thing on the whole list that I can see flat out not happening.)
71. Join the American Coaster Enthusiasts.
72. Buy incense (and burn it).
73. See dollar movies every two or three weeks.
74. Don't buy any RAZ stuff unless it's a gift for someone else. (You get bad buyer's remorse!).
75. Subscribe to People magazine.
76. Go to Scarborough Faire and tip every performer I watch.
77. Buy a K'nex set.
78. Go out to eat more with friends (every one or two months).
79. Buy a new jack for my car.
80. Save $5 for every completed task on this list, to be splurged at the end of 1001 days.

For Fun

81. Put all Buffy & Angel flashbacks in chronological order.
82. Complete a Sims 2 Legacy Challenge.
83. Keep up with "music journals" (mix cds of current music every three months).
84. Make fudge.
85. Go to a roller skating rink. 10/5/07
86. Make real fruit smoothies.
87. Host six movie nights.
88. Find people to play Sheng-Hai with.

For Me

89. Get back into zineing; For three months: read 2-5 new zines a month, write 1 zine a month.
90. Listen to music from the early 90's I was too pretentious to bother with at the time.
91. Get up an hour early for one week just to read.
92. Take more pictures and start a photo album.
93. Apply at the Magic Time Machine.
94. Revised: Collect the Buffy Soundtrack albums.
-How To Meet Girls, Nerf Herder
-Do the Collapse, Guided By Voices
-Version 2.0, Garbage
-Warm, Velvet Chain
-Hepburn, Hepburn
-Adventure, Furslide
-I, Bificus, Bif Naked
-Your Body Above Me, Black Lab 9/7/07
-Paradise In Me, K's Choice
-Immaculate Rejection, Superfine
-Ignorance Is Bliss, Face to Face
-???, Kim Ferron
-So Long So Wrong, Alison Krauss
-Blind, The Sundays
-Thrown to the Wolves, Four Star Mary
-Have You Got A Name For It, Splendid
-Thanks for the Ether, Rasputina

95. Get over it and get a bikini wax. (Another one that may not happen.)
96. Properly celebrate the holiday of Thursday and stop hating it so much.
97. Audition for American Idol just to say I did it.
98. Try to post about general life every day, it will be interesting to me later.
99. Go one week without promising my time to anyone else.
100. Personal goal I'd rather not post here.
101. Write a detailed summary of this project when it ends: What I completed, what I didn't, how I feel about it all, would I do it again?

If you wanna ask about any of them, I'd be happy to expand (except, of course, for #100).

Here's the community if you're interested: mission101

1/7/08 - Future list items or replacements:
*Read something by Stephen King.
*Find Lee Harvey Oswald's grave.
*Read the entire Hitchhiker's Guide series.
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  • (no subject)

    So I hear this odd squeaking sound at regular intervals. I turn around to see my dog hiccupping.

  • (no subject)

    I just walked in my house, and it smells like dog.

  • (no subject)

    We have a new puppy. I feel indifferent towards it. I don't love it, but I don't hate it...I look at it and it pulls forth no emotion. Mostly I…