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Ok, I think this is the first time since I've started my new job that I felt the weekend was a little too long and was actually happy for it to be Monday. It wasn't so much that the weekend wasn't, for the most part, full of fun things to do, but more the fact that the plans kept running around in circles and not actually settling down until I was phyisically standing in the middle of them. It makes for a stressful time.

Here's how it went! (This could get long (and it did! CUT TIME). Just warnin' ya now. You don't have to read the whole thing, but I feel it NEEDS to be posted for my own posterity.)


Here's how the plans for the weekend stood as of Friday morning:

Fri - 8:15 - 5:00: work
Sometime later that night: 1000 Blank White Cards w/ awesome peeps (which I'd been meaning to organize since my birthday a week ago)

Sat - Morning to 3 or 4ish: Scarborough Faire (which I'd been promising auracel for the past four or five weeks I would go to when I had the time/$$, and we'd finally settled on this date two weeks ago)
6:30 to whenever: wickedsin's birthday party at TEH MAGIC TIME MACHINEXORS (which I had RSVP'd for a month ago)
After that - Sun morning: Hanging out w/ jslorentz

Sun - 9:30 AM: Voice lesson
After that - 4:00 PM: Mother's day hangings out (which if I didn't attend, mom would think I don't love her)
4:00 - 6:30: Yoga (which I hadn't gotten to go to for the past week or so due to birthday goings on and American Idol)
After that - whenever: More mother's day hangings out

Got it? We cool? Ok. I was freaking out because I had moved my voice lesson so that I wouldn't have to worry about missing too much of Scarby. But I had hoped to move it earlier Saturday (the normal day I have my lesson), or Sunday AFTERNOON so that I could sleep the fuck in after what was sure to be an exhausting (but fun!) Saturday. I had been kept up pretty late Thursday night, because Jim, Jessie and Fraher wanted me to watch Aliens, since I'd never seen it. I was cool with watching it, but they asked me to watch it at 1 AM and I had to get up for work Friday.

I figured the thing to do would be to see if I couldn't just go to voice an hour or so early Saturday morning. That would make for a crummy and tired Saturday morning, but I could make up for it with sleeping in on Sunday. So I waited until my break at work, because I had a couple of people to call: 1) my voice teacher, Jolene, and 2) K, the new aquatics director at the Y to catch up on swim team stuff.

K had been calling since Tuesday, and I'd been trying to call her back at various times (after work, on my lunch break, etc) but kept missing her. She'd left several voice messages, and from what I'd gathered, she wanted to make sure that I could go to Citywide Lifeguarding Refresher next Saturday, the 19th (something we have to do every year), and to confirm that we'd gotten the pool reserved for when swim team starts. Both of the answers were yes, so I called Jolene first.

She said switching the lesson to 9:30 instead of 10:45 Saturday was cool, no big deal. So I said, "Great!" and hung up, thinking, "Fantastic, weekend's all in order now, I can stop stressing out." I go to call K.

I give her the updates on Citywide (check) and the pool schedule (check), and she tells me that she needs me to come up to the Y to fill out a new application. I figure that's no big deal, I can do that before going to play card games at auracel's. Then I remind K that I need to know when I can get re-certed for lifeguarding, my only cert going out this summer. (One out of seven is not bad for this year.) I had brought the fact I needed to get re-certed up at the meeting we'd had a couple weeks ago, and had not heard anything since.

So K says, "Oh, yeah, we're working on getting you into the tail end of a class going on at Benbrook." I groan in my head. The Benbrook Y is about 30-45 minutes away from me.

"Ok," I say. "When?"


I sigh. "That's mother's day."

"Oh, it is, isn't it! Well, how about Saturday?"

"Saturday? You mean tomorrow?"


A small panic attack begins in my head. The weekend plans I had solidified no more than five minutes ago are starting to crumble. I'm not really sure how to respond, because saying, "Gee, I'd love to but I've got a day of fun and games planned and I can't do this thing I'm required by my job to do" just doesn't sound good. Nevermind the fact that I've been planning pretty much everything I'd be doing for at least a month, if not more. I ask if there's any other classes I can take another time.

"Well, the only other class you could take starts May 23rd. Your cert goes out May 22nd, so you'd have to take the entire class over again, and the Y can't pay for it unless you're getting re-certed."

The lifeguarding certification class is a week-long class. It also costs $250. Basically, it's Saturday or I'm screwed. I stammer a little bit, knowing that there's really no way out of this, but hoping one will fall out of the sky if I just delay long enough. It doesn't, so I give up, saying, "What time?"

"I don't really know, yet. I'll have to check with the Benbrook Y and make sure it's okay and call you back, but I'm doing that in the next half-hour and I'll call you right away once I know."

"Okay, just leave me a message."

And I hang up, miserable now because that pretty much scraps my Scarby plans. Of course, she still has to check and make sure I can even get in on the class, so now my Saturday is once again up in the air.

Work ends. I check my messages and have nothing from K. I figure, whatever, I'll find out when I get to the Y. It takes me half an hour to get to the Y and I'm starving, so I figure after I fill out the new app and get everything here taken care of, I'll go get a CiCi's Pizza buffett to cheer myself up from my crappy day.

When I get to the Y, K is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, getting stuff ready for baseball or whatever. She leads me to the application, and I ask her about the lifeguard class.

"Shoot, I forgot to call them. Hang on." She runs from the copy room where we're standing to her office, I follow, and hear her conversation which basically implies the person she needs to talk to is not in right now and she'll have to wait to find out the verdict. So I'm STILL up in the air on that.

She then hands me the app. "All I really need from you is one more reference, other than that I can use the application from last year."

I take the copy of last summer's application and look at it, seeing that I started to fill out the references and stopped. I remember that I had been filling it out, and D, the woman in charge of pretty much everything paperwork related, had said, "Don't worry about it, you've been with us for four years already, you're ok."

"Because," K says, as if I am not aware of this already, "You need at least three references to be hired anywhere in the state."

I do my best not to shoot her a horrible look. Normally, I'd be more than happy to provide a reference, but, as you may recall, my phone screen broke and I cannot see any of my contact list's numbers. I go over to the front desk to fill out the other part of my application that needs updating, my address, as K runs out the door with a quick wave to finish up her baseball thing. The only thing I can think to do for the third reference is to go out to my car and get one of the swim team info sheets from last year and use a swim team parent, since those are the only phone numbers I have. I do so, come back in and fill that out, only to see that at least one reference needs to be a relative, and one needs to be male. So far, my references are two swim team parents and my voice teacher, all of whom are female, none of whom are relatives.

At that moment, my phone rings. It's Jolene, my voice teacher. Before she can say why she's calling, I go, "Hey, I'm really glad you called, do you have my dad's number?" She looks it up and yes, she does (my little sister also takes lessons from her), so I add my dad as the last reference and hand the application back to the front desk, ready to head out and get my delicious buffett.

I walk out the door as Jolene tells me that one of her other students needs to meet with the accompianist (we have a recital on Thursday) and the only time their schedules match is tomorrow morning, so could we have our lesson at 10:30 instead? I sigh, this is only fifteen minutes earlier than our lesson normally is and if I end up being able to go to Scarby, it won't help at all. But at this point, I doubt it'll be happening, so I say, "Yeah, that's fine."

I hang up and rummage around for my keys so I can go get foooooooooood.

I can't find them.

I run back into the Y. Did I leave them on the front desk? No. K's office? No. The copy room? No, no, they are nowhere.

A sinking feeling hits my stomach as I remember running out to my car to grab a reference, a reference it turns out I didn't actually need, and I head back out to peek through the window.

Sure enough, there are my keys, sitting on the back seat of my thoroughly locked car.

I let out a small wail. Jessie has a set of spares, but I can't see to look up Jessie's number. So I call Jeffrey, who gives me Megan's number, who gives me Jessie's number, and I call her to find out they are out getting food for Jim, and I'll have to wait for them to bring it home and then come back up. I give them directions and wait.

My grumbling tummy and I finally hear them pull up half an hour later. I thank them profusely for the keys, get in my dang car and get my dang CiCi's Buffett, better late than never.

I head over to auracel's for the card game, and give her the heads up about Scarby tomorrow. This puts her in a bit of a bad mood, but there's nothing we can do about it, really. nijikitten is already there, too, since she's going to Scarby tomorrow. A few minutes later, anneliese shows up (which is AWESOME because I haven't seen her in years, I remember why it was so much fun to hang out with her now! :).

We're only waiting on syntheticjesso, who's gone out to birthday dinner with her dad. While we're waiting, chatting and generally cheering my shit up, victheslic calls, which is ALSO awesome because he's far away and I never see him anymore. I chat with him best I can in a room full of shreiking ladies, and hear another call on the other line. I have no idea how to even begin to check it, so I let it go to voicemail.

When I get off the phone, I go to check the message. It's K, telling me she got me into the class, and I'll have to be there...from 4 PM to 7 PM, and that I would have to schedule a time to go BACK out there to do the written part. We're slated to meet for Lisa's party at 6:30. So now this stupid re-cert class I found out about TODAY has fucked with BOTH of my plans for tomorrow. I bitch to my friends, who say surely there's got to be another time I can do this thing.

I go outside to call K back, and after much discussion, it turns out there's really no way out of it. It's Saturday evening or nothing. At that point, I'm doing my best not to break down and cry, as it's been a certifiably horrible day. But this chick on the other line doesn't know me at all, doesn't know how fucked this thing has made my weekend, and doesn't know that I already know all the crap about Y regulations she's constantly spewing at me because I've been working for them for the past five fucking summers. I give up, tell her I'll be there at 4 tomorrow, and go back inside.

Luckily, the rest of the night is pretty awesome. syntheticjesso shows up and we set to work playing 1000 Blank White Cards, which turns out to be thirty times more amazing in practice than on paper (or internet), if at all possible. The game easily made up for the shittiness of the day, giving me a chance to forget about all the crap that had been going on and just enjoy myself.

After the game, everyone files out. I stick around to wait for jslorentz to get off work so he can at least see the amazing cards we created, since he didn't actually get to come by and play, then it's home to bed.


Woke up in time to get to my voice lesson. I actually feel better than I thought I would, considering it was the morning and I'd had a stressful day yesterday. So I resolved to throw out my crappy attitude and just take the day as it came, and everything would work out for the best.

Voice lesson went well. It also went over, since we were preparing for the recital and I didn't have anywhere else to be. I go home and everyone but the kids is still asleep, so I take a shower and then e-mail wickedsin about the goings on and how I will be late to her party. As I'm doing this, my phone rings.

It's a girl who also does workstudy at yoga. I'd been looking for someone to switch days with me, since I usually clean Thursday nights and my voice recital is Thursday. She says she can do Thursday, and could I cover for her tonight?

My brain implodes. Without wanting to explain the whole ordeal to her, I stammer, "Um...dang"

Luckily, she comes to my rescue. "...or tomorrow?"

"I CAN DO TOMORROW," I practically shout. Then, calming down a little, "I can do tomorrow." Mom and I are going to yoga together anyway, it won't be any problem to stay a little longer and clean.

We hang up, and I decide to take the only two hours of the weekend that are actually all mine to play the Sims.

Before I head out the door, I look up directions to the Y, from the Y to The Magic Time Machine (which is 30 to 45 minutes away from me in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION), and from the Magic Time Machine to home. No one has woken up yet by the time I leave at 3:30.

I follow the directions best I can, but I end up getting lost anyway. Horribly, horribly lost. I turn around about six or seven times, ending up in a mall parking lot, on a street called "Slocum Dr." which made me laugh, and on more random streets than I care to count. I finally recognize a street called Camlot, although I can't remember why it's familiar, and decide to go ahead and drive up it.

I remember soon enough: It's the street the Westside YMCA is on. Now half an hour late, I wish with all my being that this re-cert thing was at Westside. Grateful for the familiar surroundings, I go into the Y to see if they know how to get to Benbrook from there. We call Benbrook to let them know I'm on my way (I had tried to call from information earlier but gotten no answer), and get better directions to the place.

I head that way, cursing my cds for not having more relaxing music in them, when a random 80's hair ballad that was accidentally thrown onto a mix cd of Lifehouse songs begins to play. Oddly enough, the cheesy, dramatic synth strans are just what I needed and as the song reaches its climax, the Benbrook Y comes into view.

I rush in, get changed, and greet the woman in charge of the thing.

It turns out that I get to take the written part today, instead of having to come back up, which is great. She points me to a room where another girl who's re-certing is studying for the test, too. Ironically, this other girl is a lifeguard from Westside, where I just was, and we recognize each other from a swim meet last summer at their pool where she was guarding.

Chatting with her while we study is fun, and again I calm down from my irritation at getting so lost. We finish up, take the test, and prepare to get in the water for our practical, which includes a 500 swim and a demonstration that we know the rescues and how to backboard. We hop in the water to start the 500, do three lengths, and notice we are being yelled at. Lightning has been spotted, everyone has to get out of the pool for half an hour. It's YMCA policy, even in an indoor pool like the one we were in.

Climbing out of the pool, I look out the window. A freak storm has blown in, and it looks ugly as crap outside, where it was perfectly beautiful as I was on my way over. From the looks of it, half an hour isn't going to be long enough for it to dissapate, so we'll have to come back anyway. In short, this trip was pretty much a waste. I can't help but laughing.

We reschedule the appointment for Thursday morning (looking forward for a busy Thursday, HOORAY) and go to change out of our freshly wet suits and go home.

Or in my case, to Dallas.

I call Lisa to let her know what's going on, and that I'll be there as soon as I can. After an hour plus of driving, I get to the Magic Time Machine in one piece, and the rest of the night goes substantially better than the rest of the day. The party is a lot of fun, and even though we're in a room that's somewhat secluded from the rest of the restaurant, there still manages to be a wonderful share of Magic Time Machine buffoonery that goes on. I attribute this to having Superman as our waiter, who has apparently been working there since the beginning of time.

I met a lot of awesome people who's livejournal names I don't know yet, ate a lot of meat since I got the Roman Orgy for the first time EVER (I've been going to this place since I was five, and the Roman Orgy is this feast for four or more people that consists of craploads of meat, fruit, potatoes and corn, and it takes at least two waiters singing a silly song to deliver. I've seen the phenomenon many, many times, but had not been a part of it until this weekend), and laughed at the stupid jokes Superman told. Good times were had by all.

We adjourned the restaurant after a lengthy, goofy group chat with Superman and went to a local bowling alley called 300 Bowl. More fun was had, I pwned some dude at DDR and boogied to the awesome music they were playing, and eventually, it became 12:30 in the morning, so I decided to head out.

I drove home (another 30 minutes of driving, surprisingly, I wasn't as sick of driving by the end of the day as I'd expected to be) to meet jslorentz, where we had a lovely night of watching D.E.B.S. (a great movie if you've never seen it) and snuggling and SLEEPING.

SUNDAY (not nearly as bad as the other two):

Slept until noon. It was pretty great. Was woken up by a couple of phantom text messages (can't read texts or even see who sent them due to the phone screen), and finally a phone call from my little sister, asking if I knew how to upload a video to youtube. I didn't, but I needed to talk to my mom anyway, so we worked out our Mother's Day plans.

Said goodbye to jslorentz and headed home to change and grab Godspell, which mom wanted to watch and I haven't seen for a while. No one was awake. Headed out to my mom's house (30 to 45 minutes away depending on traffic). When I got there, she and Reagan were already watching Mermaids, so I joined them. I realized I was hungry, and even though it was a horrible idea so close to yoga, I snacked on a banana and some cheesy crackers.

When the movie was over, it was time to go to yoga. On the way, mom asked me where I wanted to go to dinner since dad and Reagan wanted to take her out. I said I didn't really care, because I mostly just wanted to eat ice cream. We commisureated over the fact that we both felt pretty miserable and neither of us were really looking forward to class, but we knew we needed to go.

Class went MUCH better than expected, the instructor was very encouraging and both of us made it through feeling a lot better we thought we would. After class, I was pretty hungry and ready to eat, but I still had to clean the studio.

The good news was, due to some changes to the Sunday routine that had yet to be made, I didn't have to do any "deep cleaning". On Thursdays, the deep cleaning is to sweep and mop the floors, so I got to skip it, which was a plus. However, the whole time I was working, I felt nauseous, so it went slowly. I was looking forward to wherever we ended up going to dinner.

I finished early, but had to wait for mom to come pick me up. She swung by about ten minutes after I'd finished, telling me that Reagan and dad were already at Chili's, and she'd left to come pick me up since I hadn't seemed very interested in going to dinner. I grumbled at her, trying not to bitch too much since it was Mother's Day, and as we were picking up Reagan and dad, we decided to just order a pizza and watch the movie, which sounded much better to me anyway.

So that's what we did. We ordered pizza and sat around watching Godspell, and maaaaaan, I'd forgotten just how much I love the movie. I love the play? I've seen it a billion times by a billion different groups, from Jr. High performances to professional at the Bass Hall, but there's something about the MOVIE that gets me every time. It's really weird for me to love it so much, since I basically have no religion, but it just makes me happy in my heart for reasons I can't really explain. Probably because it's a bunch of hippies running around town clad in excessively goofy clothes, singing iconically 60's-esque hippie songs, and generally being happy with life and each other. I can't get enough of it.

After the movie, it was 10:30, and time to go home. I hugged mom goodbye, wished her Happy Mother's Day, and drove home. I got there at 11. Jessie and Fraher were out getting groceries or something, and Jim was lying down. I was too tired to wait for them, so I went to bed.

The moral of this story is, I really want to know what the dudes at the house were up to all weekend!

If you read this entire thing, your reward is the knowledge that you've made this post worthwhile.

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