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TODAY I AM FULL OF EXCITINGLY UNINTERETING THINGS TO SAY*. I really really really want to buy a permanent account when they go on sale in June, but they's $150 bucks. To make it worth my while, I would have to continue to post to my lj as much as I do now for seven and a half years. Of course, I've already had THIS journal for seven years, and livejournal's how I keep in touch with people and meet new people and generally waste time on the internet, but am I still gonna be journaling it up all the dang time when I'm thirty**?

Here's something I've been meaning to do that I keep forgetting about:

People I probably would have lost touch with (or at least not know as much about their lives) if it weren't for livejournal:

Amber 95568
Lauren aloria
Anna anneliese
Jana jantastic
Kazzy G kazzy_g
Janna khieri
Helen kian15
Vanessa lochvanessa
Steve monstro
Jason mrgazpacho
Aaron shaataap (Ok, so I would still keep in touch with him, IF HE'D EVER POST. :)
Anne spinooti (I am so glad you still post all the time, woman, it assures me you are still alive.)
Victor victheslic
Nicole virus (Who knows when I would have lost touch with you, with my horrendous pen pal skills. I AM SO GLAD YOU HAVE A LIVEJOURNAL.)

Wow, there are even more than I thought there were. This is seriously the reason I am all about lj. I think it's awesome that I'm able to peek in on what these dudes are up to just by reading my friends list.

People I wish had livejournals so that I could get back in touch with them because I REALLY MISS THEM:
Kelly Bell
Sarita Wilson
Lennon Allen
Terry Brown
Candace (I do not remember her name but I knew her when we were kids and she was Welch and AWESOME.)

In other news, I've been playing the Sims Assylum Challenge recently? And I got stuck with the lifetime want of "20 Simultaneous Lovers" which initially I was all, "Whoa, I WILL NEVER COMPLETE THIS CHALLENGE. DO OVER, DO OVER." But it's been pretty fun! I think my main sim has met every sim in the neighborhood by now, and is wooing ALL OF THEM. Also, you'd think all those restrictions would make this challenge horrible? But it's SUPER FUN. There's no one particularly bitchy or mean in my group (PURE LUCK), and most of them spend their time congratulating each other on becoming best friends with every friggen' person in the assylum. There's one poor dude who's obviously hit aspiration failure, because he goes outside and panhandles every five minutes. But this other chick? With absolutely no interaction or guidance from me? Achieved the platinum mood! ON HER OWN. I found this awesome. And they're building skills left and right. It's really pretty cool.

*I obviously lied. This is a pretty long post.

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