Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I have made an important discovery.

I tasted a Pepsi Blue about a week ago. My initial reaction was that it tasted not neccisarily "good", but like something I like or used to like. At first I thought it was fizzies, those little things you can buy and put in water and they fizz and make a carbonated beverage. Either way it tasted yummy to me. So I was mulling it over in my brain this past week. And today I bought another one so I could taste it again. And I was on the way home from the store when I figured out what Pepsi Blue tastes like.....


I was the only person I knew that actually liked Crystal Pepsi, and a lot of people only vaguely remember it. But it was my very favorite soda for the entire span of its existance. The day they stopped making it was the day my soda world died. (not really, I like other soda, but for some weird reason, I thought that stuff was ROCKIN'.) Anyway, Pepsi Blue is almost exactly the same flavor, possibly slightly more berryish. But either way, it's my new favorite soda, and I'm ULTRA MEGA EXCITED ABOUT IT.


I'm now convinced that Pepsi Blue is going to do as badly as Crystal Pepsi did, so I have to go out and buy it by the caseload so that I'll have it forever, or at least for a while after they stop making it.

Thus ends another really useless and nonexciting post.
Tags: pepsi blue

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