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Oh, man, Bon Jovi week TOTALLY renewed my faith in AI. I think Queen week did the same thing for me last year, if I'm not mistaken. I was all, "There is no way this night can go well," and then it was the COOLEST thing ever aired on TV.

Blake's performance of "You Give Love A Bad Name" is defenitely making my list of top American Idol performances EVIR. It was FUCKING BADASS, and I dare you to disagree. I can't wait until that boy records something.

I was totally all about Lakisha's performance, I don't think she's moved me that much since she sang "God Bless the Child". SEE LAKISHA IT'S BETTER TO NOT SING PREVIOUS IDOL'S SONGS I PROMISE. It even got you a kiss from Simon, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I AM JEALOUS.

And Melinda, of course, proved that she can sing ANYTHING last night and was FREAKING ADORABLE AS USUAL with her pathetic attempts at the "rock-on" sign. :)

Chris, I could have murdered. I'm sorry, it's one thing to perform a song Daughtry sang THIRTEEN THOUSAND TIMES BETTER, but it's another to perform it EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Carrying the mike stand all over the place was Daughtry's signature move, dude, YOU ARE NOT THE DAUGHTRY. YOU ARE THE RICHARDSON, AND YOU ARE KIND OF LAME, AND HAVE NO PLACE ACTING LIKE THE DUDE AMONG DUDES WHO SHOULD HAVE WON LAST SEASON (much as I love Taylor).

Phil was good, although he's not been my favorite for a while now.

Jordin, sweet Jordin, I really hope she doesn't go home this week, even though last night's performance wasn't the best. She was so cute about it, too, and took the judge's comments in stride. WHAT AN AWESOME CHICK SHE IS.

In other news, apparently Sanjaya's already made a 4 page article in People this week, Megan showed it to me. WHATEVER DUDE YOU DO YOUR THING. I will be really curious to see what the hell kind of album they have him record.

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