Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Idol Gives Back? I guess?

So. The whole idea and concept behind Idol Gives Back is cool, I something good for the country instead of just exploiting the hell out of America's love of superstardom? But in practice, it didn't work at all.

Last night's show didn't feel like AI to me. It felt like, "HEY LOOK SIMON LOVES ACTUAL HUMAN CHILDREN AS WELL AS PUPPIES!" and "Oh, by the way, we also have people singing on the show too, I guess? And we are judging their performance? But really, STARVING KIDS."

And Bono was the guest mentor? But we didn't see anything on him ONCE. I'm sorry, I appreciate that they're trying to help out and stuff, but it's so contrived and pointless. If that company has the $5 million sitting around to give to starving kids, they should do it, instead of making people feel like they need to call in and vote for a contestant on a show to "contribute". And the whole POINT of AI is that it IS frivoluous, extravagent fun. Maybe they could have done the whole "LOOK ALL THE JUDGES DID THINGS THAT AREN'T SUPERFICIAL" on the results show where they have four billion years to tell us ONE person is going home? But I feel like I was cheated out of really enjoying my AI experience last night. It's like, how good can you feel about yourself making a big deal out of kids singing for a record deal when they're shoving starving kids down your throat*?

Oh well, I'm looking forward to all the guest stars on tonight's show, and seeing Hitler sing with Shamu the Whale, but I could do without this whole "WE CARE I SWEAR" thing. Maybe not next year, AI? Maybe?

*Not literally. That would just be eleven kinds of wrong.

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