Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So they're making a big-ass deal about the whole "Idol Gives Back" thing? And the whole "Who the hell are the super sekrit guest stars"? I'm going to take a stab at who the guest stars are going to be:

Elton John
Billy Joel
Michael Jackson
Weird Al
Dick Cheney
Harry Houdini
Mr. Ed
William Shatner
Miss Piggy
Shamu the Whale

One of those has to be right. The only honest guess was really Madonna, who else would they make such a big deal out of?

So today is all rainy and beautiful and PERFECT for Avril Lavigne music, and I was crusing around on my lunch break listening to the new album when it happened: I felt exactly like I felt the first time I drove around in the rain listening to the first album. I know the vast majority of you are all "Avril is teh lamexors," or "Avril is a guilty pleasure", or "What is the big fucking deal with you and Avril Lavigne anyway?". You know how there's music you like, there's music you love, there's your favorite music in the whole world, and then there's music that makes you feel...perfect? Like, when you're listening to it, nothing can go wrong, nothing can be bad, and all of your problems go out the window for the three minute duration of the song? Well, Avril Lavigne on a rainy day is that for me. Today I feel like I kind of bonded with the new album in the way I'd bonded with the other two, even though I loved the hell out of it before today. It seems like something stupid, but it was really special to me...who knows, maybe I'm just retarded. :)

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