Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I use youtube like it's the new Napster.

I've determined that my favorite song off the new Avril album is "Hot":

It's the song that I think sounds the most like stuff off of her old albums, after listening through the new one a few times. I enjoy this album a lot, but this one has a feel more like her old stuff.

And as for a song that is just pure fun, "Everything Back But You" is great. I think I'm just a sucker for the line, "You wrote 'I wish you were her', you left out the 'e'".

(Yes, it's a redo of an old video but it works with the song and also it's the unedited version!)

I am also a little upset because I think I ended up with an edited version somehow. I bought it at CD Warehouse and NOT Wal*Mart for the sole purpose of NOT getting an edited version, and yet. Investigating.

ETA: I figured it out. Apparently there are TWO versions of the cd, one is the version I bought (which IS edited), and the other is the explicit version, which also includes a DVD bonus. Am I going to go and shell out another fifteen+ bucks so that I can hear Avril Lavigne spew fuckwords? Yes. How am I justifying this? A) I have a stash of cash that I don't touch sitting around my room, I can use that. And B) It is my little sister's 14th birthday today, she gets the edited version. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REAGAN!!

Plus, the explicit version is EVEN MORE PINK than the edited. HOW CAN I SAY NO?



The choice is clear.


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