Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Words can not express the deep-seeded loathing I have for Wells Fargo right now. I don't know why I didn't close my accounts with them years ago. Oh yeah: ATMs.

SCREW ATMS. You are not worth the overdraft fee I seem to get charged EVERY MONTH because I forget to transfer my money, MY money, the money I HAVE, in ONE Wells Fargo account, to ANOTHER Wells Fargo account that doesn't yet have the money yet gets charged.

SERIOUSLY, HOW HARD CAN IT POSSIBLY BE TO SAY, "Yes, I see that you had the money in OUR fucking bank, we'll remove the overdraft fee." HOW HARD CAN IT POSSIBLY BE TO SET UP SOME SORT OF COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THESE TWO, WITHOUT CHARGING TEN BUCKS FOR IT (as opposed to the THIRTY-FOUR bucks you charge EACH TIME anyway), TO GO, "HEY, THERE IS NO MONIES HERE, LET ME TAKE IT FROM THIS OTHER ACCOUNT THAT IS RIGHT THERE!!!" I can do it online in FIVE SECONDS. SURELY their computers can do it, too. I've only been a customer of theirs for FIVE FUCKING YEARS, since I was old enough to bank!

If it weren't for the fact that my insurance payments are cheaper being electronic transfer, I'd completely give up on banks altogether. Either way, I'm closing my stupid Wells Fargo accounts for someone who charges less egregious fees, THEY MUST EXIST.


In American Idol news because Vanessa asked, here is my review of last night's show:

It was Country Week. I hate Country Week. My eyes sort of glaze over and I don't really listen on Country Week. In fact, if I had remembered that it was Country Week? I probably would have stayed home and watched Son-In-Law. It's still country themed! But with PAULY SHORE.

I guess the only thing I really have to say is, SANJAYA OH MY GOD WILL YOU STOP SINGING GIRL SONGS??? Love, Me.

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