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Ok, you guys, it's been a weird day at work! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT.

Morning: I get a call from a customer telling me that she didn't receive one of her boxes. Curious as to why, I called UPS who said they never picked it up and I should check with our shipping department. I set it aside as we've been given OMG FIVE MILLION PICKS to call on today.

Late morning: A customer calls in. It is one of the special accounts. She wants me to send her a copy of her invoice, because they got an unexpected shipment. After e-mailing the lady in charge of special accounts, it turns out that folks who bought discontinued items are getting their shipments early, as opposed to October when they were supposed to get them. I say ok and fax the lady a copy of her invoice.

Pre-Lunch: The second customer calls back and says they didn't receive the items listed on the faxed invoice, rather a whole slew of other stuff, six cartons worth. Special Accounts Lady and I are scratching our heads, because the boxes have this customer's address on them and everything, so we don't know who was supposed to get these six cartons of mysterious merchandise. We call the Shipping Department Lady and say, "Man, we don't know what the heck is going on." Finally we decide to ask File Room Girl if she'd mind trying to find a pick that shipped around the same time with the mysterious items on it. Either way, we decide to call tag the misshipped stuff.

Lunch: I eat.

Post-Lunch: I call customer back to explain what's going on, that we're researching it, and we need to call tag the stuff, and we'll keep looking for her stuff.

Later: I remember the customer with the box UPS didn't pick up, so I call Shipping Department Lady to tell her about it. She tells me to pull the pick, so I put in the request for the paperwork.

Later Still: Customer with the wrong stuff calls back to tell me that the person in their receiving department was, in fact, a little slow and had given her the wrong information. Turns out they got all that bizarre stuff in addition to their actual shipment they ordered, and this extra stuff all fits in one box. I call Special Accounts Lady to tell her.

After That: Special Accounts Lady comes back to my cubicle, turns out File Room Girl managed to find a pick that had all of the extra items on it, plus some additional items. Special Accounts Lady recommends I call that customer and see if they're missing any stuff. I look at the pick...and looooook at the pick...and I go, "That name looks really familiar. I think I've talked to them before." After some shuffling around, I pull out the grey sheet on which I had written the company's name, as well as, "1 carton missing, UPS never picked up, check w/ shipping." It's the customer I talked to in the morning! Special Accounts Lady and I call Shipping Department Lady and do some yelling and rejoicing that the mystery is solved.

Soon: I call the first customer and tell them that we found their stuff, we're bringing it back in, and we'll send it to them when we get it.

And everyone lived happily ever after!

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