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Elliot Yamin was on our local radio morning show this morning! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I forgot what a totally awesome singer he was. I mean, okay, I remembered he was a totally awesome singer, but I forgot HOW totally awesome. Yay for Elliot.

I was going to say something about the results show, but I totally forgot what it was. Pretend I'm giving a complete and up-to-date treatis on my thoughts.

It looks like Jim is getting the same skin condition I've got, which begs the question "how not contagious is it?" But he started showing signs around the same time I did, which begs the new question, "What the fuck causes it?"

I'm off to do research. He's all, "No way am I putting up with this for six to twelve weeks." And everyone at work is all, "I'd get a second opinion, that rash is lingering for a long time." This is AFTER I explained to them that I have no choice but to just stick it out for the long haul. Seems that when the TOTALLY EXPECTED AND NATURAL PROGRESSION OF THE CONDITION occurs, it's sticking around for too long. They just can't believe that there's really NOTHING that can be done about it. They think I should go to a real doctor since I only went to Care Now, but I can't afford a real doctor, and I'm just fine dealing with it if it's going to eventually go away. Only thing I have to worry about is if I have it for longer than three months. I think I'm on week three or four right now, depending on when it started developing? IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING.

I'm off to do more research on it!

ETA: Oh, sweet! I found this on Wikipedia: 25% of people with Pityriasis Rosea get mild to severe itching. This fades as the rash develops.

But I also found this rather depressing fact: Symptoms only recur in 3% of the affected.

That means that the rash only shows up on 3% of people that have this, and of those three percent, only 25% get the obnoxious itching. That means that of all the people who may contract this possible virus, only point seventy-five percent get itchy from it. I AM SO SUPER LUCKY.

Also, it begs the question, what if it IS contagious, it's just that most people don't show symptoms and it's relatively benign?

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