Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Shameful confession of the day: I actually quite enjoyed Sanjaya's performance last night, and I don't think he should go home this week. I think Chris Richardson or Stephanie Edwards should go home, but you know, I always do bad at that part.

He went and hugged the pathetic little crying girl! The twelve-year-old fangirl in my heart that used to cry over Hanson was swooning over him a little for that. It was creepy.

Melinda kicked ass, OF COURSE. And Jordin made up for her appalling rendition of the Land Before Time song last night. I agreed with Simon that I felt all depressed when it was over, but that's because she did SUCH a good job.

Apparently I am a fan of The Zombies! I didn't ever know the name of the band that did those songs, but I liked both of them, so maybe I should go look up some of their stuff.

I also dug Gina's version of "Paint it Black", I thought she did awesome with it and I think it's my favorite performance by her so far. Simon just doesn't like rock music, IT'S OK, GINA!!!

I didn't really vote last night because I'm still not so worried about any one of them that I feel compelled to. I am curious to see who goes home tonight, though!

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