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Running into folks from high school you didn't really care for in the first place: NOT ALL THAT COOL

So yesterday after yoga my mom was awesome and treated me to dinner and friggen' MARBLE SLAB, and dudes, it has been way too long since I've had marble slab, and really the most important part of this post is that I got Birthday Cake and Strawberry swirled ice cream and it was AMAZING and TOO SWEET FOR MY MOM.

But while I was waiting in line, it turns out I was standing behind this chick I used to go to high school with, and when we realized we knew each other, we did the whole wide-eyed, astonished, happy-to-see-you, "HIIIIIIIIII!" thing.

Then she goes, "How have you been?" And I said, "Fine. What have you been up to?"

"Not much."

And it quickly became apparent that the reason we never hung out in high school was because we had absolutely nothing to say to each other.

So it was just awkward the rest of the time, because she was hanging with a gaggle (and I do mean a gaggle, there were like, eight of them (are there eight in a gaggle?)) of other way-too-pretty-to-be-natural, look-like-they-never-grew-out-of-the-high-school-thing guys and gals that were ordering incredibly complicated ice creams.

And then I realized who am I to judge, because I was wearing a t-shirt that I've HAD since high school, probably WORE on a free dress day, and this chick was probably thinking the same exact thing I was, which was, "Man, this bitch hasn't changed since high school."


*Also: I will only share with you the very best part of Dinosaur Comics today, for the context you have to go READ IT YOURSELF. (I'm pretty sure I got the link right today, you guys.)

T-Rex: Shakespeare! Are you listening to your MP3's again?!

Shakespeare: so what if i am

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