Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So how about a light-hearted AI post, hmmmm?

Okay, Melinda is my favorite. Gina is cool, but Melinda is my favorite. As far as moving performances go, this woman bangs them out week after week after week. Personally, I think she's better than Lakisha, although Lakisha was my other favorite last night!

I really enjoyed Phil Stacey's performance as well. SANJAYA WHY WON'T YOU JUST GO HOME??? NOBODY LIKES YOU.

Um...I have to say I totally disagreed with the judges about Jordin's performance. Nothing against Jordin, I really like her. But I also REALLY like that song, and to me, it sounded like she butchered it. It sounded forced, scratchy, uncontrolled, I don't know why Simon didn't hear it, but whatever.

I enjoyed what Blake did with his song, although the beats were pretty generic, it was still interesting to see someone having such involvement with the arrangement.

So I got my ass up to go to 6 AM class this morning. I did it last week, too, but this class kicked my butt. I've been making really good improvements in class, but today felt like it was my first class ever. Well, maybe not that bad, but I'd compare it to the heyday of my "Drama Queen" stage, so labeled by Denise (have I mentioned Denise, the teacher I love above all other teachers, who no longer teaches and this depresses the hell out of me?). I wasn't dizzy, I didn't feel like I needed to sit out any postures, but I couldn't get myself to concentrate and I kept falling out all over the place. I did the whole class, but barely. I guess it's one o' them "learning experiences", huh?

Dudes? I fucking love this man.

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