Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So I came home today and Jere gave me THIS:

I am the happiest person ever right now. :)

ETA: Oh, and this is probably one of my favorite lines from Clerks II:

Randal: Oh, fuck him, man! Trying to guilt me into walkin' around more because he's all gimped out. What kind of mind-fuck is that shit?!? So I've been getting into it with him, throwin' it back in his stupid crippie-boy face about how I love to just sit around and how I'd rather drive to the end of the block than walk.

Dante: The guy's in a wheelchair!

Randal: Yeah, that's why I called him "crippie-boy."

ALSO! Guys, what did we do before the internet? Seriously, did any of us really live? REALLY?

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