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I realized that there are TWO kinda big things that have recently happend that I totally failed to post about! All my nearest and dearest know, BUT THOSE WHO ARE ONLY CONNECT TO ME ELECTRONICALLY DO NOT. (That could be interpreted funny. Please interpret it in the appropriate, correct manner.)

1) I have decided to move out of Jim & Jessie's house. I love the crap out of them, and I'm probably going to spend all my time over there anyway, but I realized living here that I still need my own space. Not much, mind you, but none at all is somewhat draining.

So I've decided that when I get my own place again, I will throw random movie watching parties! Like, I'll send all of my buddies an e-mail saying, "Hey, I feel like watching Wayne's World/every Kevin Smith movie ever made/Bring It On/Something else only I would want to watch tonight, IF YOU WANT TO WATCH IT WITH ME BRING A BAG OF CHIPS AND IT WILL BE A PARTAY." Sound good? Sounds good to me.

2) I'm getting yoga FOR FREE now! I went in to class my first day back and saw a sign that said, "Dear people, if you want yoga FOR FREE, ask about our work study program!" So after class I said, "Tell me about this 'work study' program!"

Turns out if you help clean up the studio one night a week, you can go to class as much as you want during the rest of the week...FOR FREE. My night is Thursday, which means I'm making my mom TiVo American Idol for me, but YOGA. FOR FREE. I've gone three times this week and I'm already starting to feel better. HOORAY!!!

*Maybe not actually comics. Maybe just a normal lj post by someone who reads too much Dinosaur Comics.

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