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Guys, it's been a weird bunch of days, I'll tell you that right now. Let me start by saying jslorentz invited me to go with him to The Church (a nightclub in Dallas) on his birthday, and the fact that I have been wanting to go to The Church for quite some time coupled with the fact that it was a special friggin' CORSET event entitled "Fit To Be Tied" had NOTHING to do with coercing me to go. :) When we got there, I discovered that they were having a god-damned fashion show-type thing for the ceramic corsets I'd been eyeing online a while back. I got to see a good chunk of the ones featured on that site, and then some, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, it was pretty badass.

Plus I made a new duct-tape corset for the event, and here it is:

That's Jessie, me and Jeffrey, aka jslorentz. IGNORE HOW HORRIBLE I LOOK AND FOCUS ON THE CORSET PLZKTHX.

ALSO, stuff around the house has been weird what with Jere being thrown in jail, bailed out of jail, found to be in jail erroneously in the first place, ALL KINDS OF EXCITING STUFF. It's been making the vibe around the house somewhat of a chaotic one.

DUDES IRISH FEST IS THIS WEEKEND. Jesso, I'm going to see Needfire Sunday, ARE YOU COMING????

First of all, I have to give the guys a teensy weensy bit of props for doing better this week than last week. The night was still wholly underwhelming, but the judges were all on some kind of crack that made it hilarious and adorable.

I have to say I was shockingly impressed by AJ Tabaldo's performance this week! I voted for him, Phil Stacey, and Blake Lewis, BECAUSE HE PERFORMED VIRTUAL INSANITY OH MAN I CANNOT NOT VOTE FOR HIM JUST FOR THAT.

I was completely unimpressed by Nick Pedro. This could be because I very recently voted Paris Bennett's performance of "Fever" as one of my top five EVIR, and this dude was not even REMOTELY up to par. I kind of wanted to kill him a little. Also uninspiring tonight was my precious Sanjaya Malakar. I love you, dude, you're adorable, but tonight you sounded like a high school musical audition, and I wouldn't be surprised if we send you home Thursday.

My low point of the evening was how much I enjoyed Sundance Head's performance. I don't know how I feel about him, now. I don't really care for him as a person, but he IS one of the best, if not THE best, guy this year when he's on par. When he's not, he BLOWS GIANT DONKEY CHUNKS. But tonight, he was awesome.

Sadly, I was unmoved by Chris Sligh's performance. I thought his dedication to his wife was sweet, but that was about it.

WHO'S GOING HOME THIS WEEK? I'm guessing Nick Pedro and Sanjaya. But who knows. I AM horrible at the "who's going home" game.

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