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So, one of the unforseen consequences of having pink hair is that the increase of people who refer to me as "Pinkie" has increased from zero to EVERYONE.

American Idol tonight was meh. I was not overly impressed by any of the guys. None of the performances were particularly outstanding, although right now my favorites are 1) Chris Sligh, 2) Phil Stacey, 3) Chris Richardson, 4) Blake Lewis, and of course I am obligated to have a disturbing crush on the tiniest one, seventeen-year-old 5) Sanjaya Malakar.

I'd be totally indifferent to any of the rest of them getting voted off, except for Sundance Head, whom I've developed a raging loathing of. He strikes me as a complete asshole, and he SLAUGHTERED "Nights in White Satin" by my precious Moody Blues. I can see him becoming this season's Ace Young, the one that is irritating yet NEVER GOES AWAY. Let's hope that isn't the case.

I'm really looking forward to the girls tomorrow! And I've decided that, since there was no performance worth gushing over tonight, I'm going to present to you fine people Chewbob's Top Five Favorite American Idol Performances EVIR!!! True, most of them are from last season, but that's because I only really became involved with the show last season. So, without further ado:

5. Taylor Hicks - In The Ghetto

(Song starts at 2:38)

This was probably my favorite of Taylor's performances other than his audition. I don't think I've ever loved this song as much as hearing this guy sing it. The judges are spot on, it really illustrates what was so awesome about hearing Taylor sing: his bluesy, soulful voice. It's amazing and I lurves it!

4. Paris Bennett - Fever

(Song starts at 1:55)

I always loved Paris' voice, but I don't think I loved her as much for her performance as I did with this song. For one thing, she totally looked the part, done up all retro jazzy like that. But more than that, her stage presence and vocal control stole the show that night. You would never guess that this girl was only sixteen.

3. Carrie Underwood - Love is a Battlefield

(Song starts at 3:12)

I've already explained that this is the performance that made me decide I wanted Carrie to win. It's also probably the performance you can all blame on my addiction to this show. She busts out and slams it, she looks really good, and I love the way she walks around the crowd. I think the judges were totally wrong about this performance, my favorite of Carrie's stuff on her album are the songs where she lets this side of her out.

2. Melissa McGhee - Why Haven't I Heard From You?

(Song starts at 4:22)

I TOTALLY LOVED THIS WOMAN. I blame the fact that she didn't make it past the first round of the top twelve on me being on vacation in Galveston that week and not being able to vote as obsessively. In all honesty, I thought she was better than Katherine McPhee. I always enjoyed Melissa's performances, every one of them, although this one was my favorite. I think the only reason Katherine got farther than her is because Katherine was prettier and got a LOT more air time. Melissa wasn't even mentioned until she made to 24. Anyway, I guess I said more about how much I love Melissa rather than what made the performance awesome, but I don't know another way to describe it other than JUST WATCH IT!!! :)

1. Elliot Yamin - Somebody to Love

(Song starts RIGHT AWAY!)

OH MY GOD. Easily the best Elliot performance of the season. I love the way he sang this so much that now, when I hear the original, I think of Elliot singing it instead. A truly flawless performance, this was the highlight of the Queen-themed show (which was one I was dreading)! When Elliot made it to the top three, I voted for him only, even though Taylor was still my favorite, just because a voice like that is worth voting for. I can still listen to this one over and over and over and never get sick of it. Even if you don't watch another single video on this list, WATCH THIS ONE!!!!


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