Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I brought my iHome with me to work, so now I can listen to my delicious, delicious iPod instead of having to lug in a cake of cds and switch them out of the computer when I get bored. I can also turn it up a smidge louder, since the iHome's speakers are pretty good at pointing the music to one spot.

Now all I am lacking is a radio to listen to my precious Glenn Beck! Do you realize I haven't listened to him for over a month? I have no idea how I am continuing to breathe in and out. I am probably only making it by because I still get his newsletters. I'm thinking about asking if it's okay for me to stream his show via the internet as it airs. Jesso, do you know if that would be a problem, or if I'd have to get a different radio?

Nothing else really interesting to report. American Idol is on tonight, the first top 24 performance of the season! It is teh boyz. The girls will perform tomorrow, then Thursday is the results! I AM PRETTY EXCITED YOU GUYS. The only problem with AI being three days in a row is that the rest of the week seems to slog by agonizingly slow, since by Thursday you're all used to going home and watching American Idol.

WELL I GUESS THAT'S IT. Mr. Sir Edwardsonsmith-Hugh bids I tell everyone hi for him.

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