Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

If I don't make this official, I won't write another single word.

So, due to being officially dared by syntheticjesso, I've got two weeks to write book four of my "Why You Should Never Trust Anything" Trilogy. Making it no longer a trilogy. I'm not as cool as Douglass Adams to try and say it's still a trilogy with four books.

So my daily goal is 3,572 words a day. Yesterday I wrote 849. So I'm only a little behind.

Make demands! Make dares! Make merry! Eat a pizza and think of me! I'm not in a book writing mood. :(

ETA: So it turns out I'm not done posting!

Blahhhhhh, I don't want to work on the book right now. I feel like staring off blindly into space and not thinking very hard about anything. I didn't feel like that until about two or three hours ago, when my brain kind of went, "blooooooooooorp." Could be because I got home late last night, and then couldn't get to sleep until even later due to panicking about the radioactive marbles sitting out of their usual container in the office, and laying a mere ten feet from where I was sleeping. Could be because I took a big 'ol dose of sinus medication, despite my firm beliefs on not relying on medication, so that I could speak more clearly to customers over the phone. Could be because I ate sugar on my break and am suffering a crash. Could be because I haven't eaten anything even remotely healthy (except for maybe rice) in the past week or so.

Either way, I don't know how successful this book attempt will be. I may ask for an extension to thirty days, because I'm not so much in the mood for a retarded challenge, and rather just an excuse to write this one, as the idea has been flirting with my brain for some time now. 1,667 words a day sounds so much more appealing and doable than 3,572, especially when I'm already behind. 1,667 words a day is something I KNOW I can do, hell, I can do that many words in one hour.

Jesso, can I have 30 days? *puppy dog eyes*

I have nothing really interesting to say but I don't feel like ceasing the typing. Odd how I have no problem typing a billion-word post to my lj, but I have no desire to pick up the Alphasmart. I'm hoping that changes a little when I get home. It's a nice day out today, maybe I'll go sit outside and type. Although that might be a bad idea, too.

OH, I need to e-mail James and give him my new address so he can mail me my W2.


There, done.

Okay, okay, I probably need to get back on the clock and back to work. They're clearing out a cubicle for me, so maybe by the end of this week or early next week I will have my VERY OWN CUBICLE!! And I will hang my Hufflepuff banner and my picture of Jay & Silent Bob, and I will set up my knitting and Harry Potter page-a-day calendars, and I will set out the cool Marylin Monroe picture Megan bought me, and it will be the best thing ever! AND I WILL BRING IN A RADIO. I CANNOT WAIT.

That's what this job is lacking so far, a radio. I keep sitting at other people's desks that are absent, and some have radios, some don't. I NEED a radio!

Ok, seriously now, bye!

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