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Do you know how sometimes you feel like your life is one big string of one fuck up after another? That's how the past month has felt for me. Like a big as string of mistakes, near misses, or accidental miscommunications. Not that all of it has been bad, but it just seems sort of...unexplainably awkward? I guess? I don't know. I'm looking forward to going back to work and having some structure put back in my life, even though I know after three months I will hate the job. It happens with any job regardless of awesomeness, it is the nature of being me to hate jobs after three months.

Anyway, in an attempt to get my sleep schedule on the track to being back on track, I'm going to stay up all night and all day tomorrow until I'm so tired I can't stand it and then go to sleep. I'm debating whether or not I should play the sims all night, or hook up my VCR and DVD player and have a Kevin Smith marathon. Haven't done that in a while, and it would probably be easier to do my laundry while watching movies rather than playing a game. Either way, Clerks II is definitely in the plans. Right now, I'm leaning towards playing the sims for an hour or so, then crashing out in front of the TV with my knitting and some good ol' witty banter about dicks.

Oh, oh, and dudes? Thanks to the wonderfully amazing and patient auracel, I watched my first American Idol episode of the season today. I missed the first two cities of auditions, so here's hopin' the winner didn't come from either of them. There was this cool hobo dude that made it today that both Megan and I were fond of.

Soooo I'm thinking of doing this: I know how annoying I get about things I obsess over. American Idol is one of them. Last season, I posted an excessive amount about it, and probably pissed off all but three people on my fl. So, if you want to read my stupid rants and raves? COMMENT NOW, I WILL MAKE AN AMERICAN IDOL-TASTIC FILTER JUST FOR YOU FREAKS. That way, everyone else can pretend the show doesn't exist :)

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