Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


So Sammy-Joe suggested I start a closed community for the trilogy characters to all be on, so that it would be easier to keep up with them. I was thinking about that myself, and I'm a little torn about it. I like the idea of them all posting to their individual journals and interacting that way, because it makes them seem more like real people. It would take a lot away from the fun of it if they were all on one community.

On the other hand, for the ease of the reading public, the community would help. Me, I like to abuse the filter system for reading my fl, and I suggest putting all the dudes on one filter so that you can keep them all together, but some people may not be down with that.

So I propose the internet tell me what I should do. You guys speak, I SHALL RESPOND.

Poll #909607 Should I start a closed community for the dudes?

Well? Should I

Other idea...

I have another idea! You could...


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