Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

WHOOT, new writing project

Okay, I've been tossing around the idea of creating livejournals for the characters from my trilogy, and I finally decided last night to just go ahead and do it. It will be a fun way to keep in touch with the characters, keep writing without having to worry about writing any actual stories, and a good way to just be generally silly.

I'm working right now on fixing up all their settings and profile pages, but here's the thing: None of them have icons.

I can't really decide what icons would be appropriate for them, so if any of you crazy icon makers out there who have read the books want to take a bash at making at least one icon for the dudes, it would be really cool. (I'm looking at Nikki, and MAYBE Sammy-Joe if she ever got around to reading them :)

For the record, here are their journals (NOW WITH POSTS):

Joey Spicklespackle - pancakehero (spackattack was TAKEN, I hated everything for a while, but then I thought of pancakehero and it was so hilarious and arbitrary that I HAD to go with it.)

Sarah "Goatsie" Pumpernickle Flankenburg - sflankenburg (Goatsie's not that creative.)

Sam Michael Beauregard Drizt - driztisthebizt (Because, I mean, HE IS.)

Samantha Elbe Markovian Lizard the Great Witch of Some Small Town North of Albuquerque - flamingevil (I can't believe this wasn't taken already. I also find it infinitely hilarious, possibly more hilarious than pancakehero, and I'm not quite sure why.)

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