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Babbles about corsets

I got bored and decided to play with my Halloween corset again. It seems like a waste, having worked so hard on it and not being able to really wear it out anywhere (short of night clubs I don't ever go to. Heavy sigh). But it's really nice to have to just wear and say, "I'm wearing a corset, BWAHAHAHAHA."

I reeeeeeeally want to make myself a nice, neutral underbust that I can wear with everyday clothes. I never thought I'd like the underbusts much until I tried on these corsets at Scarborough. Now, they just seem like the practical way to go if I want to wear one every day, which I totally do whenever I can afford it. For the time being, muddling through making them seems to be the economical way to go.

I figure I'll start working on one later this week. Tomorrow's the last day before I have to have my novel up on Lulu, so it's now or never with that. But the underbust has been nipping at the back of my mind since I finished the Halloween one. I want to try my hand at fabric, as well.

I bought four Simplicity patterns for corsets that I've had my eye on for YEARS this weekend. They're usually fifteen bucks a piece, which is why I never bought them. But at JoAnn's? They were on sale for $1.99. Which means I got all four of them for less than I would have paid for ONE full price. I couldn't pass it up, even though corset patterns weren't in the budget. How often do you get a chance like that?

But for the underbust, I'm thinking I'll use my pre-made duct tape dummy and make a pattern off of that. I figure it'll be simpler that way, knowing it will fit and all, before I go tackling any pre-written patterns. And I need to buy another busk, so that's going to set me back twenty bucks right there, something else not in the budget. The logical part of my brain says, "Wait until you start working again and save for it," and the impatient part of my brain says, "No."

Ah, we'll see. It's all moot until I get my STUPID NOVEL finished.

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