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Apocalypse-Turned-Legacy Challenge: The Screwed Family

So a while back, I posted about my attempt to start a new Apocalypse challenge with my beloved Totally Screwed. I gave up when Totally's life was looking so bleak and pointless that she was going to age transition and live for two days because of how miserable she was. I didn't want to see her go down like that, and I wanted to see her kid grow up happy, because the poor thing's a mutant anyway, she doesn't NEED the apocalypse torturing her once the kids at school get a good look. So I converted it mid-challenge into a legacy challenge. I've still followed all the rules, but I had to cheat for money once because if I didn't they would have starved to death, so that's minus one legacy point. But anyway, ON WITH THE PICSPAM WOOOOOOOO!!!

Totally Screwed, an ambitious girl, went straight to University, where she filled her days with lots of meaningful study and learning.

There was that one emo moment where she considered ending it all...

Dear Diary, I don't like that chick in the next dorm over. She told me I had fat hips. I'm sitting in the shower right now...won't it show HER to walk in on me, dead, and it's all her fault?

But then she met a nice boy named Randy who told her that in all actuality, her hips were quite slim. It was her cheeks that could use some plastic surgery, if anything. It was love.

Eventually, Totally graduated from hippie to sharp-looking chick, and moved out to seek her fortune.

She was beginning to wonder if maybe she should have studied more.

And taken some of those engineering classes she'd heard so much about.

But life wasn't all bad. She'd managed to convince Randy to marry her at some point, which was a plus.

And she was looking into that new-age meditation stuff her mother had always blathered on about.

But it was useless. Totally was a miserable, hopeless, pathetic wreck of a human being.

She was so out of it, she even let Randy convince her that that operation he'd had as a guinea pig for the med students was a vasectomy.


This picture is superfluous, I just like taking pictures of fat, pregnant sims when they're eating.

Eventually the big day came, and the deadbeat dad wasn't even there to greet his new baby.

It was a girl.

I'll name her Dankizus.

Totally turned out to have a natural gift for parenting.

And housekeeping.

But somehow, in the midst of this horrific, nightmarish existence, the two bonded. I guess because no one else was around.

Dankizus continued to grow up more or less adjusted. She still had her appendix and her tonsils, at least, that was saying something. Totally knew you had to watch out for those sorts of things with kids.

Finally, and with much fanfare, Totally convinced Randy to move in with them.

Look at this place, Randy, how have you been resisting it for so long?

Totally, thrilled that she now had a live-in maid, promptly went to bed.

Having Randy around (mostly having Randy's paltry life savings around) really improved the atmosphere of the house.

Totally even became more involved in her child's development!

And she'd taken up painting. Naturally, she focused her pieces on her favorite subject.

The family that skillbuilds shit together?

Eventually, time caught up with Totally, and Randy wondered what he'd gotten himself into.

Not to be outdone, Dankizus also proved to Randy that he was not getting any younger.

This is after the makeover, folks.

Mama! I grew two feet while you were at work!

And now I'm left with that glaring question that every Legacy Challenger is faced with: WHO SHOULD BE THE HEIR??? I leave it in your hands.

Poll #902906 Who should be the heir??????

Well? Heir? Who?

Are you retarded?

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