Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Dear LiveJournal:

Kevin Smith cures all ills.

It's true! I sometimes worry that I am blaspheming against the great and powerful Joss Whedon with my deep, deep love of Kevin Smith. I finally got to watch Clerks II yesterday, which I got for Christmas, and it made me SOOOOOOO happy in my heart.

Okay, that reads as if I'd never seen the movie before. I saw it the day it opened in theaters, and that's it. I got it for Christmas and have been eying it, but due to living in a house with eight other people and only one TV, I haven't watched it yet. But Jessie loaned me her laptop so that I could hide out in my room and watch? And OH. THE BLISS.

I've been feeling rather down all week, despite the fact that I should be happy since I'm not working. It's been weird, it's been awkward, and I haven't liked it.

But then? I watched Clerks II? YOU GUYS, IT'S SO GOOD. I was worried that perhaps my initial views on it had been tainted by the fact that I was desperate for new Kevin Smith, and that I wouldn't like it as much the second time around, but NO. It is STILL AMAZING. I want to marry Randall so much, we could be lazy, annoying slugs together, it would be amazing. He is kind of my idol. The kind of guy who doesn't give a shit that he's working in a crappy convenient store, because he gets such a kick out of life in general? He is incredible.

After watching that movie, everything seemed more awesome and better. I felt a general happiness deep down in my soul that I haven't really gotten a solid hold on all this week. Is that sad? That a movie, a stupid movie that ultimately culminates around a donkey show, could be the solution to my inner-turmoil?

Yes, internet, yes it is.

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