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So I started the Apocalypse Challenge, from the creator of the Legacy Challenge, for the Sims 2. I created a sim named Sew Pwned (first name compliments of wickedsin), but I made her pretty, and therefore didn't really grow attached to her.

Sew Pwned

The challenge failed because you have to get to the top of the Slacker career track before you can miss a day of work and keep the job, hence no babies, hence no continued family. Hence the end of the challenge. Based on the scoring system, I got a 24 (the number of days my family survived once the founder graduated college). I was thinking the Culinary track would be the most obnoxious restriction, but it turns out Slacker was, so I've started over! And this time, I made a sim that I LIKE.

Meet Totally Screwed:

I THINK SHE IS RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE. I love her already. I'm going to try to have all the requirements necessary for the top of the Slacker track before she graduates college, except for maybe the thirteen friends thing, which might be tricky. Hopefully I'll at least get a generation or two in before this attempt bottoms out.

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