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Probably way too much nerding about Glenn Beck, but GLENN BECK. OH MAN.

So, I'm the only one who will care about ANYTHING in this post, but today my mom and I drove up to Oklahoma City to see Mr. GLENN BECK live and in person for his Christmas show! (Sorry, Nogs, we pretty much had time to see the show and that's it, BUT NOW I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE SORT OF, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!)

It was vastly improved since last year when we saw him, more than likely because he's had more experience in front of crowds due to his TV show. Also, he'd lost weight, and looked happier in general, so that was cool.

We got there with minutes to spare after getting lost. Some dude came out to introduce him, and saying that ours was the last stop on the tour, and that Glenn would not be wearing his blue velvet suit that we'd been hearing talked about on the radio and such. Which kind of depressed me, I had been looking forward to the suit, but he came out wearing a plain shirt and jeans and looked comfortable, so I figured, "Hell, it's his last show, he's allowed to be comfortable."

He then proceeded to placate my lack-of-velvet-suit misery by demanding the crowd scream "AWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH" with him which was AMAZING AND WONDERFUL TIMES A MILLION AND DON'T ASK ME WHY.

The show, for the most part, was very similar to last year's, at least story-wise. But he seemed to have his pacing down a lot better, and they are great stories, so I enjoyed it even more than last year. The best story is how his stepmother cut the arm off the couch with a chainsaw so that she could see the TV better, rather than moving any of the furniture. He had some new stuff about Christmas specials.

After the intermission, he came back on stage for the second half of the show and he was TOTALLY WEARING THE BLUE VELVET SUIT. He got a standing ovation from several people (including me) for that. Great fake out, and the suit is just as bizarre and awesome in person.

He then proceeded with more stories about his family, a couple I'd heard before. But then. THEN. He told a story about Tonia, his wife? Wherein he used his ANGRY WIFE VOICE for a good ten minutes or so. Those of you that know anything about my deep and creepy love of Glenn Beck know that most of this love centers around the Angry Wife Voice. It was the most beautiful part of the evening, I can't even begin to describe the joy I felt in my heart during that part of the show.

He ended with his usual sappy "Christmas is about Jesus" thing, which I'd been expecting, but it wasn't as bad as last year, because he tied it into Christmas being more about the magic and the feeling than anything else. Oh, yeah, and redemption, that too. And he only cried once! I was very proud of him.

Then we DROVE THE FUCK HOME. I'm going to bed now. I'm sorry if you bothered to read this and your life is no more the better for it. I GUESS THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO GLENN BECK, NOW, ISN'T IT?????

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