Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

NOVELLING LIKE MAD TODAY. syntheticjesso, whom I hate to the ends of the earth and back, has challenged me to do 15,000 words today. In one day. She started out trying to get me to do 20,000, but when I shot her my laserbeam "die" look, she lowered the quota.

The most words I've EVER done in one day is slightly over 10,000. I'm at 6,359 right now and starting to want to kill myself. I've gotten pretty much to the meat of the story, and I don't know how to flesh out the ending. But I've got 23,328 words left to go. On a positive note, that number is substantially less than 100,000, so that's encouraging. On a less positive note, that's still just under half of a regular nano, and I'm reaching where I should be if I've only got 10,000 or less to go. So, ALSDKFJSLFKJLASDFJ.


This Friday I went to see Imogen Heap again with the lovely wickedsin! I wasn't going to go until Aaron loaned me the album and I remembered how awesome the show was. I splurged and bought the tickets, and my savings will be hurting a little for it, but whatever, it'll recover.

Now I desperately want a vocoder like the one she uses on "Hide and Seek". I can't find one like that anywhere online, mostly because I'm not sure what to search for other than "vocoder". I don't know if there's a special name for one that you can sling aruond your neck. I want to know around what they cost, so I can save up for one. If any of you guys know anything about the wild and crazy world of portable pink vocoders, LEMME KNOW. Doesn't even have to be pink, really. It could be maroon.

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