Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So I know it seems like I've dropped off the novelling plane of existance, but it JUST AIN'T SO! I'm way behind, about 6,600 words behind, but I've at least been doing a little every day, just forgetting to update my word count. I plan on banging out a bunch at the write-in tonight, since I don't really feel like expelling the contents of my stomach all over the AlphaSmart. I did surpass 40,000 today (40,025! WHOOT.), so that's good news! I think I'll feel a lot better once I pass 50,000 because then I won't be marching uphill anymore, it'll be MAD CRAZY DOWNHILL ROLLING, like in that one scene from the Princess Bride where they're rolling down the hill.

I like to pretend it'll be like that, anyway, but what it'll really be like is realizing that I've got ANOTHER FUCKING 50,000 WORDS TO WRITE. I've decided I'm not letting myself verify my wordcount, though, until I've made that 100,000 word mark, so that I won't get my winner junk until I meet my goal.

As far as how the story is going? Slowly. Hopefully I've only got about half of it out, I'm trying to stall to getting to the point as much as I can. I'm still waiting for the crazy inspiration to strike and tell me where it's actually going. ANY DAY NOW, WOULD BE NICE, INSPIRATION. THANKS.

How are you bitches doing? DO SHARE!

ETA: OH MY GOD, MY PAID ACCOUNT DIED. I've only got SIX ICONS. WHAT THE HELL. *cries like a baby*

ETA2: Bless you, Jessica Pearson.

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