Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

SO. I did 3,984 words so far today. I realize that is unspeakably, unforgivably close to 4,000, and I should just type 16 more words so it is? And you're right.

Hang on.

There, 4,015, ARE YOU HAPPY??? You ungrateful jerks.

I'll probably write a bit more before I go to bed tonight, in hopes of building up a decent "word cushion". God knows by the time I hit 50,000, I'll be standing on the edge of a cliff screaming, "WHY THE HELL DID I EVER AGREE TO 100,000???" and cursing Jessica Pearson's name. In other words, I need the extra while there is extra to write.

HOW ARE ALL YOU OTHER CRAZY WRITING FOOLS DOING? GOOD? I HOPE? If you're not writing for NaNoWriMo, I don't even want to speak to you. No. Don't bother. It's pointless.

ETA: OH, and, I tried to post this last night when I read my dares, but the computer was doing something stupid, so I gave up. HERE ARE THE DARES I HAVE BEEN DARED BY YOU CRAZY DARERS:

From opaleyes: I wish for you to include ME. Somewhere. But by my magical secret name of Wiffleball Jones. I wish to run a bakery that sells baked goods, and also small animals. And maybe sometimes you will cut into your pie and a kitten will jump out. Don't worry. The kitten is totally ok. But you will need to get a new pie.

I LOVE YOU NIKKI. I am superpumped about this dare.

From syntheticjesso: 1) Do not use the word "spaghetti" anywhere in the entire novel. Ever.
2) Have a main character be violently allergic to music.


From auracel: #1: Name a main character "Katie"

#2: Have towns invaded by narcoleptic puppies.

Due to the lateness of receiving these dares, I have already botched the first one, as my main character is named Spilhonkey Brickface. But I'm sure I can handle the narcoleptic puppies. And probably naming SOME arbitrary character "Katie".

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