Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


So this weekend there were TWO badass parties I attended, and much fun was had by all at both. The first of which being Jessie's birthday/Halloween party, which, despite mishap after mishap (Griffin's computer broke, the netgear crashed, the cd player wasn't hooked up, once it GOT hooked up it was promptly broken by the fog machine, etc.), a good time seemed to be had by all. It also resulted in massive amounts of soreness from wild and crazy dancings.

The second party was the NANOWRIMO KICK-OFF PARTY. (Guys, guys, guys, NaNoWriMo starts in LESS THAN TWO DAYS. DO YOU KNOW HOW NOT READY I AM???) OH, I didn't even TELL YOU about the amazing AlphaSmart miracle that happened! I will in a second. Anyway, at the kickoff party, I met realdartagnan of Hufflepuff fame. Turns out he sucks in person just as much as he does online, THAT TOTALLY FIGURES. GEEZ. And I discovered that of my mottled memories of Crystal's Pizza, I only remember TWO ROOMS intensly vividly, and the rest is completely backwards and messed up. Which made it very odd to see those two rooms, exactly as I remembered them, thrown in with the convoluded rest of the place that did not match my memory AT ALL. It was like being in a dream where you KNOW you are in a place, but it's all rearranged and stuff. WEIRD. Weird but COOL.


So, Neo provided NaNoWriMo 25 AlphaSmarts to their laptop loaner program, and, long story incredibly short, I GOT ONE. FO' FREE. Worry not, I'm still doing your stupid dares, and all the money that was donated for the AlphaSmart has been re-donated to kitty surgery for opaleyes's buddy's kitty with a busted shoulder or something. LOVE FOR THE KITTIES, it's all for a good cause, bless all of you who donated, good karma will be bestowed upon you forever!

The rest of you?

Just suck.

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