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Ok, so you may recall my obsessive passing without working post regarding my information systems class? And how I needed to get 70 or higher on all of the rest of the quizzes so that I am free to totally fail the exam?

Well, I was planning on skipping classes on Halloween, because, come on, it's HALLOWEEN. I'm not going to waste Halloween night in class when I COULD be helping with taking Jessie's girls Trick-or-Treating. LET'S BE SERIOUS HERE.

Unfortuantely, there is a stupid INSY quiz on Halloween. WHAT SADIST PUTS A TEST ON HALLOWEEN? (If my economics teacher does this, I will string her up by her toes. Seriously. See if I don't.)

So that meant that in order to skip, I'd have to get a good enough grade on TODAY'S INSY quiz to have this grade and my other quiz grade average out to 70.

I was worried, because I hadn't even read the slides for one of the chapters (I meant to, but I didn't have my UTA card which you have to have on you in order to print on campus and me having no computer at get the idea.) But I ended up getting an 84. PRETTY SWEET DEAL. That means the average for both quizzes is 74!!! BWAHAHAHAHA.

So on Halloween, I will be where any sane person will be. At home, partaking in the festivities, dressed in a silly costume and gorging on candy watching scary movies. HELLS YES.

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