Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Any radio program involving Lex and Terry will lick balls because they both, in fact, lick balls.

I just sent the following e-mail to the Edge:

"To whom it may concern:

I have been a fan of radio my entire life, and a loyal Edge listener for the past ten years. I've attended more than one Edgefest, various Edge hosted events, and I even have playlists on my iPod labeled "Edge Music" for when I'm out of town. I would like you to keep this in mind when I tell you this:

I feel that Lex and Terry are the biggest mistake the Edge has ever made.

When I say I am a fan of radio, I mean that. I love not just the music, but also the DJ's. It is the DJ's that leave the biggest impression on listeners, and give the station an overall feel. I love every DJ on the Edge, except for Lex and Terry.

It's not that these guys are too "edgy" or "shocking" or "politically incorrect". If that were the case, I would probably like them. Jessie, for example, often pushes the envelope, asking interviewees interesting and unique questions, and promoting unusual events around the area. Also, I was a HUGE fan of Kramer and Twitch, who used to be on the Eagle before they were fired. Those guys were creative, innovative, clever, and intelligent. True, they offended a lot of people, but they had the credability to back it up.

Lex and Terry do not have that. I've tried to listen to their show so that I could get a better feel for it, but I cannot stand to listen for more than ten minutes. Any longer than that, and I get irritated by them and have to change the station.

I wake up to the radio, and used to look forward to listening Jagger and whoever may have been with him at the time. It was a fun way to start the day, and I always left the house with a smile on my face.

Now when I wake up, listening to Lex and Terry does nothing but irritate me. I hate hearing the radio come on playing their show, and I turn it off as soon as it does. I've left the house in a bad mood because of it so many mornings that I've simply switched my alarm radio to KISS FM because I can't stand starting the day that way. Yeah, the music is shittier, but at least I can stand the DJ's. (In the car during the afternoon, of course, my radio stays on the Edge.)

Lex and Terry remind me of the guys in high school that thought it was funny to knock a girl's books onto the floor and then watch as she bent to pick them up. They laugh at their own jokes, usually because they are the only ones that find them funny. They aren't doing anything unique, they're doing the same bathroom humor we've all heard a million times, and they're doing it badly. They are the type of people I'd hoped to leave behind when I graduated high school, and yet here they are, subjecting the world to their moronic and unintelligent sense of humor every morning. They are rude to callers, their opinions are obnoxious, and they are generally unplesant to listen to.

I certainly hope that hiring these two idiots is not a sign of the direction the entire station is moving in. I love the Edge because the music is good, and the DJ's are intelligent and fun to listen to. I understand that DJs can change at any moment, based on the whims of the program director or changing to another station or what have you. I've been upset to hear some of my favorite DJ's leave without warning, but never have I been so annoyed by a DJ switch that I felt the need to sit down and write a letter like this one.

Lex and Terry reflect incredibly poorly on the character of this station. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, as I have discussed the topic with several of my friends, also Edge listeners, and they agree with me. These guys seem to have enough of a following that it wouldn't be that difficult for them to find another job if you let them go. I know you can find someone vastly superior for your morning program, someone that meets the high standards you've set with the rest of your DJ's.

Thank you for your time.

~Jessica Wagstrom"

Seriously, does ANYONE like these assholes? They are the most obnoxious motherfuckers I've ever heard, they do NOT belong on the Edge. They piss me off so fucking much it makes me want to throw my radio across the room. That's not really the type of emotion one would want to elicit in their listeners. Am I wrong about this?

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