Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Finished rotating my tires and now my BAAAAAAAAAAACK HURTS. I figured out a neat trick that involves using your feet to kick the lug nuts loose. Unfortunately, I figured it out on the last tire. SUCH IS LIFE.

So today, I was really freaking sore, my period started so I was crampy on top of bitchy, and in the middle of the day, our technician quit, leaving me to reschedule/reassign ALL THE CALLS FOR THE REST OF THE DAY ASLKFJDLKFJLSAKFJD.

Now, I cannot blame the fellow for quitting. Had I absolutely no financial responsibilities, the will to actively look for a new job and go through that interviewing shit, and scads of money in the bank tucked away for a rainy day, I'd have totally walked today, too. But I played it cool. (By "played it cool", I mean, "had ice cream for lunch to drown my sorrows in".)

Have I mentioned lately that I hate my job? But sadly, it's the only one I've got, and it's a relatively secure one. So until I've paid off my car and put a hefty dent in my student loans, I'm probably stuck here.

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