Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Ok, so not only should I not listen to Glenn Beck on my iPod whilst wandering around campus due to random outbursts of laughing, I should likewise not listen to "South Carolina" by Mr. John Linell on my iPod whilst wandering around campus due to random outbursts of ROCKING. I completely forgot it was a potential option when I put it on shuffle, but it put me in a good mood for the beginning of class!

So I skipped INSY (as usual) and decided to use the time to rotate my tires. I had hoped that I could do it without illiciting any offers of help from strange men, but to no avail. Apparently a girl sitting in the middle of a parking lot seemingly changing a tire attracts the spider senses of every potentially capable male in the vicinity.

MY knight in shining armor turned out to be a white guy who was convinced he was, in fact, black. The scent of beer weighed heavy on his breath and he informed me, at least three times, that he had just gotten out of jail. When I asked him what he was in for, he said, "Trespassing", which I found appropriately ironic.

The fellow, despite my best efforts to get him to leave, insisted upon "helping". I cannot tell you how many times I just wanted to grab the jack out of his hands and do it myself. Especially when the jack BROKE, and only on the second tire. So now I'm driving around on my spare, and will probably borrow a jack from Jim and Jessie, and finish the job in their DRIVEWAY, so if any well-meaning fellow with good intentions of helping out a poor helpless "lady" (as my newly-friended jailbird insisted on calling me) tries to lend a hand, I can ask Jim to get out his shotgun.

It will be nice.

ALSO, I desperately want this shirt:
I wanted it last year, but it was sold out. Now that I've read the description, I want it EVEN MORE:

This beloved heavy-duty cotton shirt has been a boon for every writer whose ever wondered: "Where can I find a shirt that combines my love of Australian hard-rock group AC/DC with my fondness for high-velocity prose?" A great conversation starter in airplanes and other hard-to-leave spaces.

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