Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Okay. One thing I guess I shouldn't do, even though it SOUNDS like a harmless thing, is walk around campus listening to Glenn Beck on my iPod. BECAUSE, what ends up happening is that I'll randomly laugh hysterically at something Glenn says, meanwhile, everybody else thinks that I'm insane.


I had a thought today, a thought about cars, and I thought I'd ask YOU PEOPLE what your thoughts are. YES, THIS IS ANOTHER POLL, DEAL WITH IT, I'VE GOT A PAID ACCOUNT AND DAMN IT I'M GONNA USE IT.

Poll #832482 CARS! An essay test. Pay attention, this counts for 40% of your grade.

Do you feel cars are a necessary part of human existance?

Say humans could run as fast as cars. Would this make cars obsolete? Or would our extreme laziness win out? Explain.

Given the prior scenario, what if cars were produced that could transport people even FASTER than regular cars? What then?

How would this increased travel speed affect communications between/sizes of cities, states, etc.?

Sometimes I like to run very quickly at socially inappropriate times, like from my car to the front door, or from my desk to the time clock. How do you feel about this?

Do you have any further thoughts about the above questions, cars in general, or my socks?

Ha! I'm not wearing any socks. I sure fooled you.

You sure did.

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