Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So, I feel incredibly stupid and lagging in my faith to have only just figured this out now, but...

Zoe from Firefly is TOTALLY Jasmine from Angel.

*smashes head against wall*

I'm sure EVERYBODY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD probably already knew that, but I am clearly retarded. I need to watch Angel again, and get up to date on my New Testament. Shame. Shame on ME. I'm totally going to hell.


So you may or may not remember how a billion years ago, I was going to this one CiCi's Pizza to get their salad bar for lunch pretty much every day? Because it was damn good salad for only $2.15? And I stopped going there because they started doing this "premade salad" thing instead of the salad bar, and the premade salads were total crap?

Well, I decided since I had a little extra money today to splurge, and go get a buffett from there for my lunch break. When I walked in, the guy, Robert, that's been working there forever, pratically freaked out when he saw me. He was like, "Man, you're back! Where have you been? WENDY! THE SALAD BAR GIRL IS BACK!"

Then he told me that he was probably going to be buying the store, and maybe bring back the salad bar.

Then, and this is the best part, HE GAVE ME MY BUFFETT FOR FREE. And made a fresh pepperoni pizza for me FOR FREE.

Today was kinda awesome, and it's all the fault of lunch.

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