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Hi, livejournal! I'm updating from class! I like to update in inappropriate places. We're about to take a quiz! It's very exciting! I haven't even cracked the book, so here's hopin' I don't fail! WHOOOOOOOO NOT GIVING A CRAP ABOUT INFORMATION SYSTEMS.

ETA: Hahahaha, I got a 64. I didn't fail! Huzzah! (At Nolan, this totally would have been a failing grade. I love the regular, retarded grading system.)

Given the nigh infinite amount I couldn't care less about this class, and also the fact that failing it or getting a low grade in it would lower my GPA in an unfortunate fashion, it's time to play everyone's favorite game:

How Little Work Can I Do Without Completely Blowing It?


The course's grading system:
Quiz 1 - 10% (which I totally got a 64 on, so, 6.4 overall points for me!)
Lab Assignment #1 - 8%
Quiz 2 - 10%
Lab Assignment #2 - 8%
Quiz 3 - 10%
Lab Assignment #3 - 8%
Quiz 4 - 10%
Lab Assignment #4 - 8%
Quiz 5 - 10%
Lab Assignment #5 - 8%
Final Exam - 20%
*Lowest Quiz Grade Will be Dropped


HERE WE GO! The lab assignments are stupidly easy and can be done at home. The only way to get less than 100 on them is to just not do them. So that's an automatic 40 points. I'm halfway there!

There's a total of five quizzes, one of which will be dropped. Which is a potential to secure the final 40 points without even TAKING the exam. But the odds are very high that I will not ace all of these quizzes, if the one I took today was any indication. Let's give myself a minimum of 70 for all four counted quiz grades: That's 7 points a piece, which means 28 points, giving me a total of 68. Meaning I will only need to secure a 60 on the exam!

Naturally, scoring higher on the quizzes will pad the grade I need to get on the final. The goal here is to be able to bomb the final and still get an 80 (which counts as a B) or above.

The quizzes are 25 questions each, which means each question is worth 4 points, meaning to get the desired 70 on the quiz, I have to get at least 18 questions right. Actually, getting 18 questions right gives me a grade of 72. Which means I'd only have to get a 56 on the exam!

At this point, I feel compelled to see how low a score I could get on the exam if I got 80s and 90s on the quizzes, but I will spare you that.

In conclusion: Do you see why I'm majoring in accounting and not information systems?
Tags: nerding, school

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