Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Dubbed Movie Night

Okay, so I've been planning this "My Apartment Is Clean" movie night for...oh, four months? However long ago I started cleaning my apartment. It's becoming apparent that my apartment will probably not be 100% clean until about five minutes before I officially move out, and I REALLY want to have this party thang, so I'm just going to do it, REGARDLESS OF APARTMENT CLEANLINESS STATURE. EAT THAT, WORLD.

Here's the deal: auracel, syntheticjesso, specific_chris and thighofjustice, you are all invited by default. Anyone else reading this who wants to come can also come.

DATE: Saturday, September 30th.

TIME: Hmm, let's say, six-ish? Sounds good to me. Any objections?

WHAT THE HELL IS IT: We will be watching

a) Dark Side of the Rainbow, or Wizard of Oz using Dark Side of the Moon as audio


b) Wizard People Dear Reader, which is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone using audio recorded by a fello named Brad Neely, to hilarious effect.

There will be breaks in between! If you want to eat, BRING YOUR OWN GODDAMNED FOOD, I'M BROKE.

It will be fun! And delightful! Hopefully enjoyable!

Tags: apartment, cleaning, movies, party

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