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I started to walk away from the computer without even posting! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

Nothing exciting happened today, really, except that I ate a BIG ASS CHUNK OF CHOCOLATE. Okay, not the whole thing, but a lot of it. It's delicious.'s also at home.


Somebody in the class sneezed, and several people responded with the classic, "Bless You." Upon this occurence occuring, my professor stops the class.

"Who sneezed?" He inquires.

The sneezer raises their sneezy hand.

"Who said 'Bless you'?"

Several blessy people raise their hands.

"Do you know why people say 'bless you' when you sneeze?"

Someone mentions the Bubonic Plague.

"That is EXACTLY RIGHT. One of the first signs that you had the Bubonic Plague was if you started sneezing and coughing. So, if you sneezed, people would say 'God Bless You', in the hopes that the almighty would grant you with the common cold. If you had the plague, there was no hope for you, what with the lack of antibiotics. You at least stood a chance with the common cold."

The class considers this information.

"So, what are you doing when you sneeze?"

The class mumbles things along the line of "clearing your sinuses" and stuff.

"You're spreading GERMS! You're potentially infecting the rest of us! I think that when someone sneezes, people should say, 'Damn you'! Damn you for getting your germs all over me! Whenever someone in this class sneezes, I want you all to say 'Damn you'. And maybe you can spread it to your other classes. At the very least, it would be a good ice breaker. I'm hoping that someday it will be all over campus, saying 'Damn you' instead of 'bless you' when someone sneezes."

So that's your story for the day. The moral of the story is to damn all who sneeze! IT WILL BE AWESOME. DO IT.
Tags: funny, school

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